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For the benefit of 944Hybrids users there are two search functions available for you to use.
The purpose of this sticky is to explain the "Advanced Search" function because it is much more powerful and is the best choice when researching information.

When you log on to the site a list of options is shown in a line at the top of the page. One option is labelled "Search", use this option (NOT the search box lower down on the right).

After you click on the upper search option, a drop down box appears. At the bottom of this box is a radio button marked "Advanced …

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Please be warned before you purchase from Greg Sloan

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Re: Please be warned before you purchase from Greg Sloan

Post  wingdog on Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:29 pm

I see that but some of the info is ok.


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Re: Please be warned before you purchase from Greg Sloan

Post  87-944S on Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:55 pm

Agreed, some of the info in the manual is very good, and the bulk of that came from this board, and the previous board taken over by RH. I have one somewhere, I bought it to support the efforts of helping the hybrid guys. Sloan had very good intentions, and pulled a lot of the info into a central location in the manual, which was a good thing. He put a lot of effort into this, and tried to make a go of it, but, unfortunately, things went bad for him. Taking people's money and not delivering the product they paid for is criminal, no matter what your personal circumstances are. It's a shame, and too bad that this happened. I wish him no ill, but hope he makes good someday to the folks who has lost money through dealings with him. With that, I have said all I will on this subject. Enjoy the process of your build, it has been a source of great pleasure for me, and I am sure you will find all the help you need on this board.


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Post  southern speed on Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:05 am

admiralkhole wrote:I have the manual and have most of it scanned, I would be willing to send you everything.

I bought the book a few months ago, but it took a month of me badgering him for him to finally get it sent out. I threatened to dispute the charges on paypal. He was more than willing to accept the money, but it finally took me threatening action to get him to reply and eventually ship. Shoot me your e mail and I'll get it sent out to you. Are you doing LT or LS? I have all of the LT pages scanned already, but will scan the LS specific if you need.
Dear Sir Im Jerry from Southern Speed Racing llc. I am doing a LT1 swap on a 944 would really appriciate a manual or something. Thank you Jerry

southern speed

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Re: Please be warned before you purchase from Greg Sloan

Post  spence on Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:14 pm

That manual is useless... You can find everything you need on this site or google.

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Re: Please be warned before you purchase from Greg Sloan

Post  majormojo on Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:16 pm

Jerry, it's not really obvious when you first join up, but there's tons of info from the manual under the "wiki" link at the top of this site.

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Re: Please be warned before you purchase from Greg Sloan

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