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Parts List for the Conversion

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Parts List for the Conversion

Post  gt1scca on Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:43 am

Shopping List

GM LSX engines: (including the *Vortec 4.8L and 5.3L LQ4 / LR4 / LM4 / LM7 / L59 Truck Engines, 5.7L and 6.0L LSX Engines)

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*Due to hood clearance issues, the LS1 and later intake manifold and F-body accessory setup must be used with the 4.8L and 5.3L engines.

1.QuickTime, Inc. spun-steel safety bellhousing #RM-6033 (utilizes C5 T/O bearing or early SBC 4 speed bearing retainer Richmond Gear #1304027001 / Summit Racing and RAM #78125 or similar)
OPTION: '97 up Corvette C5 bellhousing (part # 12554980) and adapter plate with C5 or S10 concentric hydraulic slave
2.Clutch disc w/ 1" x 23 spline hub
3.GM LS1 flywheel
OPTION: McLeod LSX conversion flywheel #460535 (Summit Racing – allows use of early non-metric SBC clutch components)
4.Custom oil pan, or modified Milodon #697-30915 (JEG'S)
5.Custom LSX pilot bearing (1” thick pilot adapter with 944 roller bearing, 14mm thick)
6.Headers (Renegade Hybrids or modified Sanderson headers)
7.GM hydraulic throwout bearing (JEG'S #770-056288)
8.Master Cylinder / Brake Booster delete mount and pushrod
OPTION: Wilwood tandem master cylinder #260-7563 and installation kit or Tilton dual master cylinder and balance bar setup
9.Ignition coil relocation bracket
10.Modified ECM wiring harness
11.Engine mounts - 1973 Chevy Nova V8 (among others) - Advanced Auto #2142
12.Engine uprights (locate engine mounts)
13.Engine mount plates (adapt SBC engine mounts to LSX block) Trans-Dapt #4572
14.Custom throttle cable
15.3.5" intake boot and tubing (
16.4" x 3.5" 90 degree elbow (
17.Cone-type air filter
18.Oil pressure sending unit (VDO)
19.Coolant temp. sending unit (VDO)
20.Custom remote oil filter lines
21.Remote T/O bearing bleeding system (not a necessity, but convenient)

GM Small Block and LTX motors:

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1.QuickTime Inc. bellhousing #RM-6033 (utilizes C5 T/O bearing or RAM #78125 or similar with GM bearing retainer)
OPTION: '97 up Corvette C5 bellhousing (part # 12554980) and adapter plate
OPTION: Stock (6.29" depth) SBC bellhousing w/ adapter plates developed by 944Hybrids members
2. Hydraulic Throwout Bearing – RAM #78125 or similar, used with GM bearing retainer (Richmond #1304027001 from Summit Racing)
OPTION: RAM, Hayes, or McLeod hydraulic bearing
(McLeod also offers a bolt-on version, that eliminates the bearing retainer)
3. *Slave Cylinder - '84-88 Vette, GM#14087254 (RH replacement)
4. Pilot bearing adapter (developed by PHB members)
5. Porsche 944 pilot bearing (14mm thick)
6. GM bearing retainer (Richmond #1304027001 from Summit Racing)
7. Engine mounts - 1973 Chevy Nova V8 (among others) - Advanced Auto #2142
8. Engine uprights (locate engine mounts)
9. Flywheel – 1986-up 168T flywheel (for 1-piece rear main seal)
OPTION: SPEC Clutches SC35S for steel (22lbs), SC35A for aluminum (12lbs)
OPTION: GM Performance Parts # 809-14088646 Nodular Iron (16 lb.) flywheel
10. Flywheel Bolts - ARP ARP100-2801
11. Clutch 1" X 23 spline, early Mopar:
OPTION: McLeod (#260101) *with C5 or QTI BH & 11" 168T flywheel
OPTION: McLeod (#360803) pressure plate, also w/ C5 BH & 11" 168T flywheel
OPTION: (Part # 05-029)
OPTION: Advanced Auto Parts (Part #NU1506)
12. Throttle Cable - 1997 Camaro (no listing on traction control or not) GM#12550676
13. Oil pressure sending unit - VDO 360-009 (JEG'S)
14. Coolant temp sending unit - VDO 323-421 (JEG'S)
15. Plug wires (fit GREAT in stock LT1 brackets under any header) MSD-32149
16. 4" x 3.5" 90* intake elbow & tubing (
17. Cone-type air filter
18. Modified wiring harness
19. Headers: Sanderson / 1 each, CC90 & CC2 (driver and passenger sides)
OPTION: Patriot Ceramic coated tight tuck headers #H8052-1 (JEG'S)

Bell Housing/Clutch related:

1.Remote clutch bleeder for the LSx conversion. This kit allows you to bleed the master/slave without being under the car or making a mess. $75.00 in 2007. Contact: Carl LaMonte for the kit [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
2.LSx - Mcleod 600 series, good to 600hp. Part #260621. 11" x 1" x 23.
3.LSx - Mcleod 500 series, good to 500hp. Part #260521. 11" x 1" x 23.

Transmission related:

1.Solid top transaxle mount (Lindsey Racing)

Suspension related:

1. 250 lb. front coil springs (pre-'86 cars require spacers)

Brake related:

1. 25mm/21mm ATE master cylinder. 85.5 and newer. 1988 - 1994 BMW 750iL, Cardone rebuild part #112299.
2. Metric "T" and 2 longer flare nuts (M10 x 1.00) for installing the above because the outputs are deeper on the BMW MC than on the 951 MC. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] part #s M1L-3 & TM18-3.


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