944Hybrids: 924/944/968 and 928 V8 Conversions
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Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:56 pm by Admin

For the benefit of 944Hybrids users there are two search functions available for you to use.
The purpose of this sticky is to explain the "Advanced Search" function because it is much more powerful and is the best choice when researching information.

When you log on to the site a list of options is shown in a line at the top of the page. One option is labelled "Search", use this option (NOT the search box lower down on the right).

After you click on the upper search option, a drop down box appears. At the bottom of this box is a radio button marked "Advanced …

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Post  Admin Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:57 am

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1.) I hope you find his board useful, and contribute what you can. As the title implies, this is a Porsche board, and I'd like to see the non-Porsche stuff kept to a minimum.

2.) There will be no religious, political, handgun or abortion discussions in any forum on this board. I said so.

3.) Try to keep the swearing down, damn it.

4.) This board has no affiliation with any vendor, company, or car maker, and no personal information contained within will be used for any purpose outside of this board.

5.) No in-post advertising from any commercial vendor containing dollar amounts will be tolerated in any forum, with the exception being the For Sale/Wanted Forum, and for used parts only.

Amendment July 16, 2009

*944hybrids has tried to remain vendor neutral, but we would also like to offer a place for non-aggressive members to promote their conversion specific products. Please consolidate all information, and keep related information in one posting only, ONLY in the For Sale section. You may post links, email addresses, and other contact info. NO PRICES, please. Sales should be handled through private message.

This area will be heavily moderated, and we ask that you respond to the posts through private message. If this proves to be a problem for any of the represented parties, we will return to a no-vendors policy.

Members posting new conversion parts are asked to support the board in return for the space provided here.

6.) This board is for the posting of V8 conversion information only. Any posts that are not in keeping with this notion will be deleted without notice, and the poster will be banned at my discretion. This ain't a democracy, boys. I make the rules. All 4 cylinder postings should go here: http://www.Rennlist.com

7.) From this date forward, 944Hybrids will no longer be accepting members using Hotmail addresses. If you attempt to subscribe with one of these your application will be unceremoniously dumped without explanation.

8.) 944Hybrids retains the right to terminate membership of individuals that persist breaking board rules after they have been properly warned. Most infractions of the board rules may be handled in a fair and courteous manner, membership intact. But...

If you can't play nice boys, stay out of my sand box.


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