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Will it be worth it?

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Will it be worth it?

Post  pa951 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:42 pm

I have a 1986 944 turbo. Currently it has 300 rwhp but has scoring in the cilinderwalls..

Causes a high oil consumption.

Now i am in the market for a V8 swap. Ls3 with jenvey itb and carbon intakes..

But will it be worth it in the long run, i see a lot of cars on internet with V8 swaps prices from 5000$ up-to 35.000$. But the cost of a good build will be big.

And what if i want to sell it in a year or five years. The purist will tell me it is worth nothing because of the V8 and not being original?

What is wise?

Pretty sure it will run like crazy. With 450 horses. But no power brakes.. Is there a ready to go solution?


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Re: Will it be worth it?

Post  Techno Duck on Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:56 pm

I would only do the engine swap if your planning on keeping the car for some time. The price variation reflects the build quality.

Like any car; you will be lucky to get 20% of what you put into it.

The purist thing... well if that concerns you then the engine swap probably isn't for you. The 944 might be a cult classic but i don't think it will ever reach collector status. Unless your car is bone stock and mint condition example then who cares if its all original or not.

Power brakes... the options are hydroboost sourced from Ford or BMW parts or go with dual master cylinders.

Is it worth it? My car was a major headache that dragged on for close to 3 years. I lost interest more than a few times during the project. Money spent was....alot. When i get in and go for a drive or turn that first lap on the track its always a reminder that yes, i think it was worth it.

Techno Duck

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Re: Will it be worth it?

Post  pa951 on Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:11 am

I allready wasted so much money on this car i was thinking a bit more to get it right would be a good thing Rolling Eyes


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Re: Will it be worth it?

Post  jws on Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:38 pm

Techno Duck is 100% right with his post as far as my 2 cents is worth. As you know from mildly building your turbo 4 they can be really expensive to go fast and the faster you go the more fragile the engine gets. From a collectors point of view most 924's, 944's and 968 will not be a high dollar collectible.

Now for is the LSx worth it. I look at it like this from my stand point. I am not Mr Rich but I can afford some nice toys. Right now in my garage I have a 308GTSi, 968 cab and my newly purchased 944LS1 and I have had numerous other cars in my little collection over the years. I'm just saying this just to put in your mind that these cars are for a certain demographic. Most people would want a 911 or other kind of rides for the money instead of a converted 944. I personally LOVE the 924, 944 and 968 cars. They are one of my top cars to just look at. I think the body design is just beautiful. The only problem is the power and the LSx is the answer. You do the conversion because you love the car and plan on keeping it. It is a BIG undertaking to do it right and it was way more then I wanted to pursue and I have a enormous amount of respect for the guys that do it themselves. I was going to have a S2 cab done by Eric but that is another story. I purchased my car from a member that spent a couple of years and a enormous amount of money to convert it right. He lost allot of money selling the car but he needed the space to start on his 72 big block Chevelle. It was a big move for him to sell it and it was my gain. Like TD wrote when you find conversions for sale the price reflex's the quality of the build. I purchased my car for a pretty good price. The guy who built the car I have could have got allot more money if he would have marketed the car and took his time but he didn't and I'm glad!

So, I am another one that thinks it's worth the conversion! Every time I turn the ignition and that engine comes to life I get a feeling that I don't get with any of the cars I have or have had.

Think about this freshen up your engine to make it salable. Get rid of your car then search for a completed conversion. That would be another way to get your conversion. It will be a long search unless you get lucky and come across a deal quick. After I found my car we were talking back and forth for about 3 months before we struck a deal. That was getting both of us happy with the price and him finally deciding to sell. So good luck with your quest and ask the guys on this forum for the answers to your build questions. I'm not one of them, lol.


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Re: Will it be worth it?

Post  pa951 on Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:41 am

I will be gathering the needen parts as of now. Will be fun. Most of the parts in sight Cool

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Re: Will it be worth it?

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