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Franky III up for sale

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Franky III up for sale

Post  Lemming on Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:05 pm

For Sale: 1988 Porsche 944LS - $15,500

My race car is up for sale. 1988 944S chassis mated with 2001 5.7L LS1 engine. Car has had logbooks for NASA (ST2), PBOC (R3), and SCCA (SPO). Car without passenger seat weighs in around 2,482 lbs. That is with no ballast and a full-sized battery. Car has turned a 1:36.5 at Barber, with a better driver, likely into the low 34’s.

This car is ready to win races as is! If you can find a faster car for $15,500, you should buy it.

Unless sold, I will have the car at Barber Motorsports on Feb 27 and March 7-8.

Engine: 2001 LS1 5.7L V8

Engine was rebuilt in December 2014 and currently has approx. 2 hrs on it. Car will be going to the dyno for tuning and to get final numbers in a week or two. Based on the previous engine, I expect 350 rwhp and 350 rwtq, with a 6400 rpm rev limit. Engine has always been tuned for 93 octane.

New (December 2014):
Main bearings
Rod bearings with ARP rod bolts
Pistons and rings (bores were within tolerance and professionally honed, block was inspected and cleaned)
All seals and gaskets

LS1 heads with comp cam beehive springs, comp cam rockers, and Texas Speed and Performance 7.40 chromemoly pushrods. Valves were seated, new valve seals and heads were checked in December 2014 ( Engine runs a mid “torque” cam from comp cams (specs will be given to new owner).

Custom oil pan with excellent baffles. 3 qt Accusump system with electric and manual valves. 16-row front mounted oil cooler.

LS6 intake manifold with 92mm ported throttle body.

Custom headers into a 3.5” collector and then 4” exhaust (with Magnaflow muffler). Has never been blacked flag for noise, but still sounds great.

Clutch and Transmission:

Spec Stage III 6-puck disc, lightweight flywheel and lightened clutch assembly (installed early 2014).

951S transmission with LSD. External 10-row oil cooler located in spare tire well with venting.


Leda coilovers front and rear. Torsion bars deleted. Currently running 900 lb Eibach springs front and rear. Have 650 springs as well.

Front end uses factory steel A-arms with delrin front bushings and spherical bearings rear bushings. Rear suspension has banana arm spherical bushings, delrin inner and outer spring plate bushings, and torsion tube carrier block (all Racer’s Edge). M030 front and rear sway bars.


Front: Wilwood Integra 6R front calipers with StopTech 330 mm rotors and brake ducts.

Rear: 951/968 rear Brembo calipers with 951 rotors.

Boxster ABS

Mustang hydroboost brake booster with Mustang master cylinder (1” bore). GM power steering pump with 10-row from mounted cooler. If you do not like the feel of the hydroboost system, I will include my Dual-Master Cylinder setup with everything that is needed to convert it back to a non-boosted system.

Body work:

GT-racing fiberglass fenders, hood, and rear bumper.

Broadfoot racing fiberglass race nose (narrow body) with full splitter. This piece is attached with 8 Dzus fasteners for easy removal.

Lexan Rear Hatch


Broadfoot front end with splitter
GT-racing 70” carbon-fiber “Predator” wing (adjustable).

Wheels and Tires:

12 9x17 Porsche wheels (mix of cup II’s, turbo twist and C2). All original, not knockoffs. Current tires:
Toyo RR 255/40-17 (Sticker tires, installed but never used)
Nitto NT01s 275/40-17 (maybe 10 heat cycles)
Hankook Z214 C51 275/40-17 (10 heat cycles)
Hoosier A6’s 275/40-17 (5 heat cycles, not mounted currently)
2-7x17 and 2-7.5x17 Porsche C2s with Hoosier Wets 245/40-17 (5 heat cycles)


Cage built by Kirk Racing in Gardendale AL.
2.3 L AFFF fire system with 3 nozzles (two in engine bay, one on driver).
G-Force window net (Jan 2015)
G-Force 5-point harness (FIA, good through 2016).
Racetech 4009HR racing seat (March 2007). Now with rear support bracket since the seat is over 5 years from manufacture.
Passenger seat is a Corbeau tube frame seat with outdated G-Force 5-point harness.

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Re: Franky III up for sale

Post  Rich L. on Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:35 pm

say it ain't so! Sad
Rich L.

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Re: Franky III up for sale

Post  Lemming on Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:56 am

Rich L. wrote:say it ain't so! Sad

It's so.  Hate to sell it, but priorities change.  Will still get my kicks on an orange machine, but this one has only two wheels (KTM).

Just posted the car for sale yesterday and will show it tonight to local friend. Hoping he buys it so I get to still see it at the track.

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Re: Franky III up for sale

Post  docwyte on Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:51 am

You going to get another race car? I have a KTM too, a 640 Adventure.


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Re: Franky III up for sale

Post  Lemming on Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:49 am

docwyte wrote:You going to get another race car?  I have a KTM too, a 640 Adventure.

No plans to buy another race car at the moment, but my wife isn't convinced of that cyclops I've got a KTM 200XC that I may start racing again (enduros, hare scrambles), or at least riding every weekend.


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Re: Franky III up for sale

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