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Early Gauge Dimensions

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Early Gauge Dimensions

Post  map21 on Sat May 04, 2013 1:06 pm

So my swap is finally running, driving etc. Mechanically everything is working properly with the exception of the speedo gauge. I'm replacing all the gauges because lets face it the early yellow ones look quite dated. The console mounted oil pressure and clock are 2 1/16 in what size are the dash mounted speedo, tach, and multi function units?

Before anyone flames me for not searching on how easy it is to keep the original hooked up my car is an 83. The front suspension is now 87+ to run xschop's Wilwood Cayenne 330 brake kit. No hub gear to operate the cable speedo and even if there were I don't like the gauges.
I have a speed density tune on the pcm and no vss. An oversight on my part but either way the brake kit is worth the current dilemma. What I do have is an Turbo gear box installed that has its own OEM electronic sending unit. Once I get the proper specs on it we will match that to a gauge of the correct electronic spec and size. At least that's the plan.

HaHa and to answer the most obvious question, I haven't just gone outside and measured them because the bosses decided I need to stay in sandbox 4 more months.

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Re: Early Gauge Dimensions

Post  v8carreragts on Sat May 04, 2013 5:11 pm

They are 4". The outer ring is 4 3/16"


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