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RS Technic Conversion...

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Re: RS Technic Conversion...

Post  RS Technic on Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:30 am

Haven't posted for awhile, so here is a quick update.

I have received my AOR tranny from Lart (absolutely excellent to deal with, highly recommended).
I'll be taking it down to clean, repaint and replace all the gaskets and seals.
I will also be replacing the 5 gear with my NA's 5th for a "road gear".
I'll post pics as I go so you, the home viewer, can enjoy my progress  Surprised 

Does anyone have prior experiance with the cooler assembly? As in performance. Does it function very well on it's own or are they being swapped for stacked coolers? I would need it mounted in the stock location as the spare tire well is not really an option. I'm not going to race it, just a few DE's and such.

I have also received the Lizard Skin ceramic insulator and sound deadner. I'm stripping the interior of all the old, nasty asphalt and felt fiber and will recover the entire interior.

Does anyone have a Brey Krause R-1020 Harness Guide Bar they would be willing to part with? I'd like to install it before I spray so it will blend into the interior.

Also, Does anyone have experiance with GT Racing body parts? I'm thinking of replacing my front fenders and hood with fiberglass. Since I don't have the electric sunroof I may replace this as well. Should be lighter and the pics of the underside of the hood appear to have no brace where the throttle body usually makes contact.

I'm almost to the point where I'm done tearing down and can begin building back up.
Let the real fun begin!
RS Technic

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Re: RS Technic Conversion...

Post  Rich L. on Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:48 am

Lemming stuck a temp gauge in his trans with the stock cooler loop and temps were fine. This was racing down in Atlanta. Based on those results, I decided to just stick with the loop.

Rich L.

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