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Rear Coilover Mounts

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Rear Coilover Mounts

Post  gt1scca on Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:28 pm

There are several versions of the rear coilover mounts, and 3 versions are shown below. Also, I am posting known info on the coilovers themselves, found "elsewhere" on the www...

These could be fabbed from hardened steel [i.e SHOULD be, due to shear strength requirements].

944-LT1 wrote:Re: Early rear coilover setup
Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:12 pm

For 1977 to 1985 Porsche 924/944 the measurements for the rear shocks are:
compressed (11.250"), extended (16.750") and the travel is 5.500". Compressed and extended lengths are taken from the center of loops.

The rear shocks for these cars have loop (eye holes works too I guess) fittings on both ends (loop mounting) and these loop bushings/sleeves are hugely different for each car out there. But for 924/944's the upper loop fitting has a width of 1/2" and a outer diameter (1-5/8") and the lower loop hole at the bottom of the shock has a 12mm width and 1-7/8" diameter.

Upper loop hole width is 1/2" the diameter of the loop is 1-5/8"
Lower loop hole width is 12MM the diameter of the loop is 1-7/8"

And of course the bushings that fit inside the loops. Have no idea what their sizes are but that’s not important....they flex a bit.

Almost forgot! For the late 944's guys, I have a little secret. We need not look for rear coilovers that may fit back there.....

Part number: HAL-DR4855B

944-V8 wrote:I used these: ... toview=sku
They provide a little extra travel and allow the spring to set such that the when the shock is loaded the piston is not at mid point but at 60% compressed. I was told that the proper position for the piston inside the shock was at 60% of travel by a shock designer. I accept no responsibility for this info, it is just what I did with a total torsion bar removal. I had a thread running about a year ago looking for a $4-500 solution. Many others have used QA1 in this fashion. Some folks will tell you that the Qa1's are junk. You can get Koni's as well from Summit for more money. The nice thing about these shocks is the knob for rebound adjustment.
Hope this helps someone.

350# front on Koni's with Paragon kit to convert strut and 500# on the rears. One note the spring is 1" shorter than the standard length for the shock in the rear. There is a clearance (rubbing) issue with the top arm that act as the spring for the torsion tube that connects to the trailing arm. I don't know if I'm explaining this correctly but there is a 3/16" thick arm on both sides that connects to the trailing arm from the tube! I used a QA1 spring spacer 1" long to make up the difference in length of the spring and clear the upper part of the spring from rubbing.

My car is an 87 944S. I got the upper and lower mounts from Mike Gokey / Ft. Lauderdale.
I chose the method he uses because I wanted the rubber mounting. The lower mount uses a custom spacer and a grade 8 bolt. The RE solution is for all out racing in my opinion. After talking with many people about this solution I came to the conclusion that the metal on metal or teflon upper and m-m lower mount would be way to much noise for a primarily street car. These metal to metal solutions transmit every bump and road noise right into the interior. One other caveat: Some people have had problems without spacing the lower mount and not torqueing that grade 8 bolt enough. The std. spec is 90-95# I believe---use 125# if using the grade 8 bolt.


And from Rennlist...

On the bottom mount I used the Poly bushing kit that came with the QA1 shocks and the 5/8" sleeve (they didn't have a 9/16" sleeve). Then used the stock 14mm bolt...

When upgrading to a rear coil over or shock, the most precise choice is to incorporate Spherical Bearings into the ends of those shocks. This presents a small problem in that the lower mount in the rear of a Porsche uses a 14mm bolt, which is larger than the ½" bearings which come in all racing shocks. Since this mount is subjected to incredibly high dynamic loads (a coil over holds up your entire rear over bumps etc…) you need a very strong "adapter"...

...the shock mount had a 1/2" tube, and the bolt was 12mm....

The only other hardware that you will need is a 1" spacer to fit between the lower rod end and the aluminum arm so that the coil does not hit the arm. As for the coils - use any 2.25 ID spring you like. I have 550 lb Eibachs (9") on my car and found them to be pretty nice with the 350's on the front. It looks like you can put the whole thing together for under $500 a pair with all the hardware. Another option for the lower mounting point is the racers edge mount which looks like a nice (but expensive) piece. High dollar solution to the lower shock mount...


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Re: Rear Coilover Mounts

Post  Dawgz83948 on Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:39 am

Dangit!!! I need a functional solution that does not require me swapping to aluminum arms for an early car.

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Lower Bolt dims

Post  xschop on Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:08 am

Anybody have the Lower bolt dimensions?

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Re: Rear Coilover Mounts

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