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78 928 LS1 swap initiated

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78 928 LS1 swap initiated Empty 78 928 LS1 swap initiated

Post  Hey_Allen on Tue Jun 23, 2020 1:35 pm

I wanted to post this build journal here, away from the "Porsche is perfect in all they do" crowd on RL...

My starting point is a '78 928 that I rescued from a friend who was about to scrap it after it had been sitting due to overheating issues 10 years prior.
I initially started working on the stock engine, intending to just fix it enough to drive it, but found that I had severely underestimated Porsche maintenance part prices.

I did get the engine up and running (the overheating was due to a missing vent hose) but the CIS injector nozzle prices have risen enough that the MB nozzles are $45+ each, and the Porsche nozzles were in the $100+ price range. Adding in the required rubber seals and retaining collars, and just refurbishing the nozzles was looking like the better part of $1500-2000. This was not a viable option on a relatively rough car that I got for free.

I found that the clutch had been relined by the PO, but then had been sitting and now drags preventing the transaxle from shifting easily as well. That's another easy $1500, or ~$4500 for the "Perfect Clutch" that one of the RL sponsor shops has developed... Again, not a viable option for a "free car", and when one is playing with it as a hobby, not planning a concours competition car to sell for a profit.

This came to a head when a friend of a friend wanted to get rid of the LS1 out of an interior fire damaged Firebird.
One order to TPC for an adapter plate, spacer, and a few miscellaneous bits, and I was off and scrounging for the rest of the bits.

One used C5 bell housing, and lightly used clutch set were acquired, as was the appropriate Dodge clutch disc to mate up with the drive shaft.

The OBD2 bluetooth link to allow downloading/uploading the ECU.
Various fuel and clutch parts also arrived.

Now the fun part has begun, and I'm cleaning the engine's stock wiring harness to eliminate the extra bits and pieces, as well as playing with a tune that will be going into the ECU once it's wired in.

This is all ignoring that the car is rough and a bit scruffy both inside and out. I have a set of seats from a Porsche Cayman lined up, pending catching the current owner at home so I can pick them up. From some of the RL threads, they may bolt in, or may require some tinkering with the tracks. They'll definitely require power to be supplied before they work, as my car has (ripped and ratty) mechanical seats.

Exterior cosmetic condition is rough in general, with chips through the paint in a few areas, and a shallow crease behind the passenger door, below the quarter window.
Most of the rubber window seals are weather checked as well, prompting me to look carefully at the seal profiles offered on JC Whitney and elsewhere, potentially avoiding the $250 each quarter window seals.

I'm stuffing a few pics into my gallery as I go along, but nothing particularly swap related yet other than the parts acquired.

With all the examples here and elsewhere to follow, I have hopes for a relatively painless swap, but I wont' be holding my breath...


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78 928 LS1 swap initiated Empty Re: 78 928 LS1 swap initiated

Post  acorad on Fri Jul 10, 2020 7:05 pm

Love the 928. Keep us posted!

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78 928 LS1 swap initiated Empty Re: 78 928 LS1 swap initiated

Post  Hey_Allen on Fri Jul 10, 2020 7:35 pm

So far the progress has been that the ECU connectors are now rewired for a 99+ ECU, and the ECU that I acquired from the Pick-n-Pull now believes it was an 02 Firebird with a manual transmission.

I'm still removing the extra wires from the harness as I determine exactly which does what, going a little slower than I could due to the fact that the lt1swap site assumes that your starting point is from a truck...


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