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anyone running e85?

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anyone running e85? Empty anyone running e85?

Post  sharkey on Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:21 am

local station is putting in an e85 pump in spring, and being my swap is a turbo 4 cylinder its a big benefit to me. i have a couple questions regarding e85 in these cars, not specific to the engine. ive got the injectors and fuel pump part of it covered, and my ecu does flex fuel.

my questions revolve around the fuel tank, the sending unit, and the fuel lines. my car is a late 85.5, it has a plastic tank so that shouldnt be a big issue. what about the sending unit? ive never had mine out, but the pics online it looks like its just steel. im also wondering about the rubber seal on the sending unit as well as the fuel strainer. ive replaced most of the rubber fuel hoses in the car with braided AN hoses already, the only rubber hose i have left is the body to tank return hose, along with all the factory steel lines.

has anyone here run e85 in their 944? what was your experience? all i can seem to find on the other 944 sites is "works great in my 944 race car with a fuel cell" and "dont do it it will kill your entire fuel system, and deviating from the owners manual will make the car disintegrate."


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anyone running e85? Empty Re: anyone running e85?

Post  crowstyle on Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:20 am

Just do not let E85 sit in your car too long. If you at lease drive your car every week you will be fine.


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anyone running e85? Empty Re: anyone running e85?

Post  Hotrodz of Dallas on Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:50 pm

The gas tank is fine for e85. Your fuel lines will need to be upgraded from stock, which you may already have done. The stock rubber and plastic lines that Porsche used will not hold up long to e85. The filters also need to be e85 specific, as some elements will start coming apart. I also suggest removing the strainer in the tank and running a filter between the tank and pump. The fuel sender should be ok. It's aluminum with a Bakelite float. Find a new o-ring for the top that is e85 compatible.
As was mentioned before, don't let it sit long periods without driving it around. E85 will draw in moisture and and water will settle at the bottom of the tank. There are good additives you can use that help alleviate the issue. Star-tron being the best I've found. Be prepared to change fuel filters every few months to a year, depending how much you drive. You will get a lot of fine particles that can plug things up over time. Basically ground up corn Razz .
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Hotrodz of Dallas
Hotrodz of Dallas

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