944Hybrids: 924/944/968 and 928 V8 Conversions
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Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:56 pm by Admin

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968 Swap Wiring Checklist/Questions

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968 Swap Wiring Checklist/Questions Empty 968 Swap Wiring Checklist/Questions

Post  Kiltacular Jim Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:04 pm

Hey guys, first real swap-related post, so bear with me. I'm in what I think is the home stretch, but have some questions regarding wiring and am seeking some general guidance.

First and foremost, if anyone has copies of Bridar's gallery, I think that would be perfect for everything I have left to do, and let me check all the work already done. Can't find an archive of it anywhere, though.

Secondly, thanks in advance for taking the time to look this over and for any input at all.

I'm working with:

  • PSI Harness, ordered/configured from Kent. Harness has a separate fuse block included for ignition and fuel pump.
  • PSI ECM specifically set up for my harness
  • 2005 L33

What I've done so far:

  • Pin 3, switched power
  • Pins 6 and 9, oil pressure 'g' and 'wk', soldered but not connected to the sender yet
  • Pin 8, temp gauge (not the light)
  • ran the lines for starter and alternator exciter wires

What still needs done:

  • extend the VSS from the harness to the plug
  • tach signal (see Questions list below)
  • Fan wiring: Found this awesome little diagram while I was writing this, actually, and i think it will help a bit. Will otherwise use one of the solutions provided here. Finally, I think I need to take into account this as well to make sure my AC will play nice.
  • Pin 10, temp light?
  • Fuel pump relay wiring: I need to source switched power, and a wire straight to the fuel pump. I want to re-use the existing wiring in that passenger 14-pin connector, if I can, or the firewall connector with the other stuff, but am unsure if that would end up double-relaying the fuel pump. I'm having trouble identifying what, exactly, eliminates the DME relay.

What I have questions on:

  • Is anything needed between the alternator and the plug, i.e., resistor? Question rose form Docwyte's post here about ABS and the alternator, and I had not thought about ABS at all up until now.
  • Currently my 968's passenger footwell 14-pin connector is unplugged. I believe I can use it for A/C controls, tach signal, and speedo? Has anyone done anything more/less with this? (source 1: post 10, source 2, non-swap but super useful info here)
  • Do any of the lines specified in the wiki for the firewall connector need to be fused or modified in any way?
  • For Pin 10, the temp warning/idiot light, I have a one-wire temp gauge. Do I split it and send it to both? Does the idiot light get ran from the GM computer as a CEL of sorts?
  • Again hoping for Bridar's info, but are there any specific differences that pertain to this swap between wiring in the late 944, and the 968? I see small differences mentioned here and there but very little concrete. Most things just reference Bridar's non-existent gallery.

General comments:

  • I hate soldering. Its so simple, and I'm so bad at it.
  • I am very much intimidated by electronic work. I'm pretty confident my car will burst into flames upon the first turn of the key.

Thanks for reading my book here, folks. I'll have another thread up elsewhere in the coming days as things progress and I'm left with fewer problems...can't seem to disengage the clutch at the moment.

Kiltacular Jim

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968 Swap Wiring Checklist/Questions Empty Re: 968 Swap Wiring Checklist/Questions

Post  Kiltacular Jim Wed Feb 05, 2020 2:39 pm

Hey so I've solved the majority of these issues. Once everything is wrapped up and I have some time, I will be compiling things that I found to be 968-specific for others to use and learn from.

Kiltacular Jim

Posts : 12
Join date : 2018-08-29
Age : 30
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