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243 vs 862 in upgrades

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243 vs 862 in upgrades Empty 243 vs 862 in upgrades

Post  cazbah362 on Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:18 am

Note - This was a response to another thread, not intended for a debate, however - good topic for open input, might provide good insight for others looking for insight and direction.

As for heads, I have a few different views.  I am using 243's from my brother's 05 GTO after windowed the lower end.  When it was running, the engine was built with BTR stage III, so the spring kit was complete when I received them, saving me about $300.  To rebuild and check them cost me an additional $400, there is no porting - just stock less spring kit.  

On the 5.3 I have, it came with a set of 862's.  In LS world, these are not desired heads, but I have a good core set.  After researching TEA's 862 Stage II upgrade, these heads will flow nearly what their Stage II 243 kit does.  After searching for a nice set of core 243's or I believe 817's (sounds like same head according to forums), cores cost approximately $400-600 depending on your market.  

With that said, you still need to check, rebuild, and upgrade springs, so roughly you are into a set of 243 type heads and springs, without any port work for about $11-12.  I assume you own 862's from the LM.  TEA's kit is only $1450 for the 862's - which will flow real close to the same as the 243's, for much less price. The 862's also have a smaller combustion chamber, so will raise compression.  So at the rate you mill 243's to 862's, you still will gain higher compression yields from 862's with less impact to manifold alignment or mis-alignment.

Really the best upgrades are the LS3 heads, especially if you are buying intake, fuel rails etc. .  If you do not have a 4 inch bore, LS3 is not recommended.  

Hope this helps on the heads.  In the the end, really only nominal HP gains for spending huge money on other items to realize them.  Realistically, the 944 will not react to the gains positively with out other changes, so....


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