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Post  matt889 on Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:03 pm

i have an lsd diff on the shelf i wanted to know anyone experience just a diff swap ? if so where do you source ur friction disks and plates its an oem porsche on i have


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swaping  DIFF's Empty Re: swaping DIFF's

Post  Rich L. on Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:44 pm

I've always hired this work done at a local shop experienced in it. They can source the OEM friction dics and parts for the AOR diff only. I understand Guard Transmission has options for others.

Rich L.
Rich L.

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Post  matty89 on Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:17 pm

i will have to identify what diff i have before i start -.- any tips on how to identify it ?


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swaping  DIFF's Empty Re: swaping DIFF's

Post  sharkey on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:39 pm

from what i have read Gaurd is no longer supporting the ZF (factory) lsd diffs. it kinda sounded like they may have had some diff case failures, they were talking about the age on them and metal fatigue.

i took this from clarks-garage.com
The Turbo S transaxle came standard with a limited slip differential. However, there were improvements to the differential over previous models. The Turbo S differentials have inner plates which are 2.5 mm thick as opposed to 2.0 mm on earlier models. This required the two differential thrust rings to be made 0.5 mm thinner for the same overall thickness. Also, the inner plate and differential shafts are molybdenum coated for additional hardness. The clutch had a two-stage torsional spring damper with the friction material being bonded and riveted to the clutch disc instead of just rivets on earlier models.

if you would like i can take some measurements off my AOR lsd and we can compare. seems like the biggest giveaway would be the thickness of the friction discs, 2.5mm vs 2.0mm.

i just got some parts for my diff from pelican parts, their prices were around the same as anyone else, and they had the rest of the transmission parts i needed in stock. they shipped pretty quick as well.

as for installing an lsd, it depends on your experience. if you have built a rear in another car/truck before, or have some manual transmission experience it shouldnt be too hard. you do have to split the main case apart, which involves removing the shifter linkage, detents, and reverse light switch, and pulling the front case off. before you remove the front case it would be best to measure the ring/pinion backlash, then remove the side cover and run a gear pattern check. you are going to have to figure out the proper shims for under the bearing races, you will need to be able to measure bearing preload for the new diff carrier. once you have that, install the old ring gear on the lsd, install it in the case and assemble it and check your backlash, once you adjust it to the same spec as before assembly run a gear pattern and it should be the same as before. once its all good put it back together and back in the car. also to note, you dont have to touch the pinion shaft at all, some threads ive run across on the subject people say you need to reshim the pinion shaft when doing an lsd, its not true, not unless you have another problem with your transmission (like i did, the pinion shaft was actually floating in the case due to improper shimming).


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