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Nearly completed v8 conversion - 87 944 NA - feeler (DE)

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Nearly completed v8 conversion - 87 944 NA - feeler (DE)

Post  endrnet on Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:53 pm

I may sell my project. Just bought a C6 and will be shifting my lifestyle a bit and this project isn't a perfect fit for that.

I don't HAVE to sell it, but if I can recover enough of my investment, I WILL sell it.

Current state:

Motor is in, it's an L33 w/ all new Fbody front drive accy package (no A/C) and vette intake/TB (cable operated). Exhaust is done, incl. RH headers.

Driveline is hooked up, clutch is mated and turning.

Engine is RUNNING and does not appear to have any issues, started first try (at least the first try where I had all the right wiring hooked up). The L33 came from a truck that had 10k miles on it before someone hit a pole in it.

The car is black/tan. Brand new alum CUP wheels and tires right from tirerack as well as the old phone dials.

What needs to be done:

- Front suspension/wheels/rack need to be put back on.
- Brake MC needs to be installed (have the plates/adapters for manual brakes).
- Tach needs to be hooked up.
- Radiator needs a repair or replacement as it leaks under pressure.

(Like I said, almost done)

The fully dressed motor/headers is probably the single most valuable bit, and I may sell it alone as a running engine if I can get a fair price and scrap the shell.

If there is little/no interest, I may complete the car and keep it, but someone else may want it more than me at this point... actually if someone is willing to finish the car I may pay to have it done. I'm just very busy anymore.

I'm in Delaware.

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