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Air Intake: How-To

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Re: Air Intake: How-To

Post  B.Rudy on Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:28 am

Well first of all marky522 your a jackass Laughing thanks for sending negative signals towards me so everyone can jump on the bandwagon and hate on the new guy...knob
Buuut the factory 986,996 MAF IS a straight RIGHT after the filter box?

Second of all guys, Mark and I used to work together. Which is how I know hes a jackass...jackass lol!

Third, Porh dont take what I said offensive. I didnt mean to bash. I made a quick comment (mostly to get past the 5 post limit) when I should have been more detailed. Like to say what you said since about reversion. I would be worried with reversion too because of the tight 90* then the TB being so close. You might be fine, or you may not have any other option, whatever, thats cool. I will try to get my MAF further down close the filter.
Also I should have mentioned and you guys may already know this but, Ive had success "clocking" a MAF when there were turbulence issues. And yes its only noticeable or matters at or near idle & low speed cruise.

Again I didnt mean to come off as being critical of your work, sorry, oh and marks a jackass, lol



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Re: Air Intake: How-To

Post  Marky522 on Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:51 am

WOW Brian, you really know how to hurt a guys feelings... Sad LOOL

Anyway, guys I have no doubt after working with Brian he WILL turn out one of the nicest swaps done... He is a stickler for details... He was one of the Best Porsche Techs I had the pleasure to work with, till he couldnt hack it... affraid

He also is the only person to officially scare the $#** outta me on a test drive... I have yet to ride with someone that can control a 911 with the throttle like hes driving his old 600HP Cobra....

Now go get your engine so we can get this under way you Bastard.....

And to second what Brian said, no offence intended toward your intake, To each there own, Mine will be slightly (Alot) different similar to Panamera style intake.


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Re: Air Intake: How-To

Post  Porch on Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:19 am

Yeah yeah...get your cars running, THEN we'll talk Razz

BTW, reversion can be compensated for with a tune, i just haven't gotten there yet.

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Re: Air Intake: How-To

Post  Marky522 on Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:17 pm

Mine should be running soon, the list is getting much shorter, and once again, besides wiring im just about at the point of being held up by lack of parts. My current to do list is:

-Finish rebuilding completly stripped harness... PCM connectors were depinned and each circtuit was isolated and tagged, now that my engine is finally rebuilt, I need to layout and finalize that... shouldnt take long...

-build clutch hydraulic system- only piece I currently have is the GM slave, this one should only take an hour or two of assembling, not too worried...

-build firewall plate for brake m/c and clutch m/c

-build generator bracket and Throttle body adapter bracket, need to get some AL to do this one.

-Cooling system... I know how i want to lay this out, but this is going to be my PITA...

-Build my fuel system, cant decide weather i want to go Nylon braided the whole length, or just at the ends and make 3/8 hard line for the rest.

-Order a clutch disc, would also like to get XS's trans mount to slide the drive train back a bit,

Once my car is running that is probably only the halfway point for me, I have 1000 things i am going to change, like intake, transmission, shifting design, upgrade clutch and flywheel assembly, better heads (after transmission), yadda yadda yadda...

So lots to do... Better get back to wiring whil you go enjoy your car... Smile



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Re: Air Intake: How-To

Post  Porch on Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:49 pm

Took a better picture today, so i'll just throw it in here:
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Re: Air Intake: How-To

Post  Sponsored content

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