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Post  Dawgz83948 on Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:06 pm

People are so dumb, so here is my story. I picked up an AOR transaxle. Used for about 3000 miles, there was a "problem" with the trans so the guy sells it to me without telling me there is an issue.
I spend 45 minutes dropping my old one and 45 minutes installing the AOR. The trans shifts fine 1-5 and R not whine in any gear or grinding in any gear. The "problem" was the shifter when in neutral did not return to the usual 3-4 area, but rather went to the 5th reverse area of the tranny. Well after reinstalling my 9u into my car again, I figured out what went wrong. People ARE stupid.

The shop he took it to get it rebuilt disassembled the entire transmission and reassembled everything by the service manual, which is complete until you get to the shift selector linkage (the long tube that runs the width of the tranny inside behind the cover (w/3 12mm bolts) on the passangers side) they do not show the location of the spring in there. Anyways, remove the cover on the AOR and out shoots a spring. Remove the cover on my 9u and low and behold the spring is on the other side. Reassembled the AOR correctly, low and behold a fresh AOR with a correctly aligned linkage.

STUPID PEOPLE....... Can't live with them, but apparently we can herd them all to DC. clown

Only good thing about stupid people is that I picked up this tranny for a G-O-O-D price.

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Post  gamman on Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:25 pm

Did you get this from BC? I was the "other" guy that didn't buy it....

No offense, but good it happened to you, as you can deal with it better than me. I would have no idea what to do with it. I would ask, how much will it cost me to fix it? $1M? Oh, ok.

I can subsidize your loss though, I am interested in buying the power brake system. Found my cousin is a 4th year apprentice. I can get him to do the easy work for 1/2 price. Maybe I will pay to get your brakes setup and installed (by a real mechanic). I have a budget savings now, must find places to spend it on!

Don't you have a modified steering cooler and power pump? I have a manual rack (for trade if you want). I have PS in the car right now, and its a GM pump, porsche rack. Nothing else hooked up or installed, so it won't work at the track, I am sure, as I have read.


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Re: Venting....

Post  Dawgz83948 on Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:34 pm

My brakeing system is setup for manual steering since that is what I use. No I bought my tranny from L.A. California.

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Re: Venting....

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