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944 N/A conversion

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944 N/A conversion Empty 944 N/A conversion

Post  Frederiksen on Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:40 am

I'm interested in doing a 944 conversion but after much reading, I'm still confused on some things. The main thing is the engine. People say an iron block ruins the handling of the car and makes it plow into turns but I also read that xschop has done it and I haven't seen complains about it. I read that the extra weight in the front can actually help prevent the car from squatting under acceleration. I will be mostly using it for driving regularly on the street, but it would be nice to have good handling in case I go to the canyons or something. I can probably find an iron 5.3 pretty easily for around $300-$400 with accessories or I can buy a aluminum l33 5.3 for $900 without accessories. What do you think?


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944 N/A conversion Empty Re: 944 N/A conversion

Post  sharkey on Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:02 pm

the difference between an iron and aluminum block is somewhere around 90lbs. while that is significant, its not going to completely destroy the handling capabilities of the car, but it is enough to be noticed.

the big thing to remember with a truck engine is all you are going to use is the long block itself, the accessory drive is useless and needs to be replaced with car specific stuff, and the same goes for the intake manifold, fuel rails and injectors. a lot of people doing ls swaps find out the hard way that by the time you buy all the parts to make a truck engine fit in a car you could have bought a complete aluminum block car engine and just dropped it in. this happens all the time with ls swaps in any car, the $500 truck engine looks so tempting, but by the time you have the stuff to make it fit in the car its now a $2000 truck engine. people dont exactly give the car specific intake manifolds/fuel rails and accessory drives away, there is always someone else out there thats too deep into their truck engine swap thats gonna pay what they are asking.

my advice is to price everything out carefully and make a decision.


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944 N/A conversion Empty iron block

Post  quarterflash on Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:45 am

I have used the Corvette LTI engine which does have an iron block but with alloy heads thus the diffetence to an LS conversion is minimal. So go ahead and use the iron block but get a pair of alloy heads and you'll be fine.
However it is as stated by Sharkey that there are lots of extras you will need to make it work.
I had to throw away the PCM and loom and accessory brackets and now have thrid party electronic ignition.
Good Luck


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944 N/A conversion Empty Re: 944 N/A conversion

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