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Alfa Romeo 2.5L V6 --> '78 924

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Alfa Romeo 2.5L V6 --> '78 924 Empty Alfa Romeo 2.5L V6 --> '78 924

Post  NinjaFinch on Fri Apr 05, 2019 3:43 am

Hi everyone, first post here. I don't have a swap in progress yet, but recently the opportunity has presented itself.

I have a formerly abandoned 1978 924 that I bought back in 2016. I've been trying to figure out what to do with it until recently, when my 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano finally succumbed to transmission failure. Conveniently, I now have a recently serviced 2.5L Busso V6 that's ready to swap. Based on some quick measurements, the Alfa engine should fit snugly with power steering and AC pumps removed, with the usual caveats about the crossmember not playing nice with oil sumps.

Here's my plan of attack so far:

  • Remove the Alfa engine, delete all accessories, part out for additional project funding
  • Figure out oil sump and pickup clearance, as it seems to be ~4 inches from being able to clear the crossmember altogether
  • Figure out exhaust header clearance, especially on driver's side
  • Figure out engine to torque tube mounting, either track down an Alfa Sei bellhousing or make an adapter plate to the stock bellhousing
  • Deal with the clutch assemblies being at at different ends between the Alfa and the Porsche

At this time, I'm planning on retaining the stock 4-speed transaxle and 4-lug suspension. For oil sump clearance, I'm debating pushing the firewall back, shortening the torque tube, designing a custom oil pan, or a combination of the three. This is all on top of the body still needing a metric ton of work, including getting an interior, refreshing the suspension, new tires, and a repaint. I've swapped engines before, but this will be a bit more of a challenge than previous projects (mostly Subaru --> Subaru, so a bit more fabrication involved this time).

I'm not looking for a ton of power here, I just want to keep that V6 alive. It's also pretty early in planning, but I'll update whenever I get the chance.

Apparently I'm not allowed to link pics for a week. They'll come later.


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Alfa Romeo 2.5L V6 --> '78 924 Empty Re: Alfa Romeo 2.5L V6 --> '78 924

Post  porschekid7 on Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:11 pm

Curious if you've made any progress on this. Love the alfa engine idea.


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