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The deep-end getting deeper, introducing Project FRANKY (Pict heavy)

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The deep-end getting deeper, introducing Project FRANKY (Pict heavy)

Post  lamrith on Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:18 pm

This thread will most likely be picture heavy and I also get a bit wordy, so sorry in advance for the novel.

Porsche designed an built a great little car, this car is well past the point of restoring to be a stock/purist car. This car was abandoned in a field for many years with windows open, then some tweakers tried to work on it before it was hauled off for scrap. It was a week from being crushed and now is being given a new lease on life with plans to be put back on the road, driven and enjoyed for many years to come.

This is my second dive into Porsche ownership, the 1st was when we bought my youngest son an '87 944NA a few months ago (that car is being maintained as stock vehicle). A couple of the many issues it needed fixed were that the car had a cracked windshield (with antenna) and dented fender when we bought it, so I was always skimming Craigslist and local places for parts. Mid Oct I found a car in a tow yard that looked like it had a good red fender. My youngest son had a half day at school so we hopped in the suburban with a bag of tools and went to take a look.
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I saw the car also had a good windshield and the fender was solid but was trashed otherwise. All the Accy missing on motor, driver's window was down and interior was soaked. There were also signs both in the engine bay and the interior of animals/birds nesting it it. Drivers door had no interior panel, etc. The car was just a complete wreck, but it had two hard parts we needed, so offered the guy $550 for the whole car and he took it. DOH! Quick scramble and I rented a uhaul trailer and got it loaded up and ran home.
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Once at home we also found out that the steering rack was not connected to the cross member, it made getting it off the trailer and tucked out of the way a bit interesting.
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Smells great in there. probably need hazmat suit to clean it out.
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I started researching how to get the windshield out and the more I looked, the l more I found that it was pretty much impossible to remove one without cracking it. DOH In the meantime we had pulled the fender off and put it on his car only to find that the reds did not match. I think both cars were Guards red from the factory, but different mileage and time in the sun had made them significantly different colors. Well I went 0 for 2 on that purchase. There was nothing else on the car I thought we needed so I began wondering what to do with it. As mentioned in the Deep end thread, wife is not having a junkyard of cars sitting around.

During this time of buying and working on my kids car I had been researching my next project car. The Wife and oldest son both have small fun to drive cars (Miata & RX8) and have taken trips into the Mtns to cruise the twisty back roads. Now the youngest with his 944 will join in the fun so I wanted a car all my own. The plan was to take our '95 mustang GT and really max it out into a hotrod / canyon carver with bigger engine, exh, suspension, brakes, wheels, tires etc. Initial plan was 408stroker, air-ride suspension, 18" wheels and wide sticky tires. When I got talking with my wife and oldest son about what to do with the "carcass Porsche" as it had become known, both said lets make it a project car.

I was not sure at 1st, my son's 944 is definitely fun to drive, but severely lacking on power that I want for a project car for myself, I am a bit of a motorhead, I wanted more power and audible sound from my project. So I looked around at a few options. A 951 conversion was of course an option, however skimming threads in numerous places the expense to build a reliable turbo motor in the high output range was quite high and still open to durability issues. I looked at Electric conversion as we have really cheap electric here and all love Electric cars like the Tesla. E conversion definitely had my interest in regards to torque. However the drive we would be doing would put the car at the ragged edge for its range if I was driving in Econo mode which which was exactly what I did not want the car for. Having done it in the past I started looking at V8's. Quick search showed numerous people running them, and a few companies even building kits for them. Light-years better than when I did my MGB V8 conversion 16yrs ago! The downside is that they all use the Chevy LS series motor and not my beloved SBF that I have lots of parts for on the shelf. However, the LS motors are extremely plentiful, have more base power than the sbf and by using the alum block car version weigh about the same (less according to some) than the stock iron block 944 motor. The kits now are pretty much bolt in and go and all fit under the stock hood (I love a good sleeper)

I roughed up a budget talked to the family about what my budget plans had been for the mustang, and that the Porsche would double that number (due to condition), even given $550 base cost of the vehicle. I told them that neither one of the projects would we get half the $ out of if we ever sold. The Porsche was going to need full interior, body work, paint, all ontop of the performance mods. My wife chimed right in and said no problem, I will pay for paint, as long as it is obnoxious/unique, we have both wanted a "bright" car (yellow/orange/green) for a while so now was the time. SOLD!

I looked at a few colors for the car. Initially I was sold on Yellow, but the more I looked around at conversion info the more yellow 944's I saw, we even had two LS conversions I saw in my area that were Yellow, one was for sale. hrmm pass on yellow. Orange I looked at briefly but just did not speak to me for a 944. Then I searched green, and saw a couple that caught my eye, also did a search on "Porsche green" and found a thread covering all the various greens Porsche had used over the years. The GT3RS/Signal Green color caught my eye and looks about perfect. I found a few pictures of 944 with it and they looked good with easy ability to use black to add contrast and make things pop, so right now that is the plan. It is also the catalyst for the project name, Green goblin is too long, so I am just calling it Goblin. Like any good project thing change, originally I was goig to call it Goblin, but the wife called it the Frankenstien car a few weeks ago. Then last 2 days she just called it ""Franky", it rolls off the toungue and just sort of stuck. A quick google search I see a number of pictures of Frankenstien are green, so there we have it! The project is now Project Franky.

This is not my car, but here is an example of one I found in a google search with the same color.
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So now I am at the start of a long, long road.  Having been thru a V8 conversion before I am aware of the complexity and that it will be a long process. It is also why I am starting it with a "rescue" car and not an all original running car, plus I am going with a conversion many have done before and there are bolt in kits available for. Right now I am planning to get the conversion/upgrade process rolling, probably get an engine in and running and work out the bugs, then strip it to a bare chassis for paint down the road.

I will have lots of questions for you 944LS pros as I go. Other than the engine, I plan to keep it as much Porsche as possible, not looking to hack her to pieces so it is just a shell over another car chassis. I hope to stick with typical Porsche upgrades for the most part. I will post my 1st performance oriented question in another post in this thread.

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