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Holley Pro Street Annihilator Ignition system

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Holley Pro Street Annihilator Ignition system

Post  x.l.r.8 on Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:39 pm

This one is a hard one to let go. I was the first adopter for this system and it is amazing, I locked out my dizzy and used this for everything, and I still only used 1/2 of the functions
I also have the Holley Laser Shot coil and most importantly the instruction manual.

Model No 800-300

Annihilator ignition systems deliver accurate and consistent performance - the performance edge every racer wants in an ignition system. Holley applied the latest technology to build Annihilator ignition systems, Holley's complete line of high performance, capacitive discharge, multiple spark ignition systems. Microprocessor equipped, every function is exact - it makes decisions based on a number of factors insuring precise timing of the spark. The microprocessor constantly monitors all ignition functions and reacts instantly. And to make instantaneous changes to system settings, The ProStrip Annihilator comes equipped with Holley's unique QuickShot Programmer - small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, its LED display makes system setting adjustments quick and easy.

System Features -

Microprocessor Controlled: Yes
Capacitive Discharge: Yes
Multiple Sparks: Yes
Emergency Kill: Yes
Emergency Alarm: Yes
Built-In Rev Limiters: 4
Built-In RPM Switches: 4
Built-In Timing Retards: 4 Plus Boost Retard
Built-In Timing Computer: Yes
Potted For Durability: Yes
Tach Output: Yes
Input Signal Compatibility: Points, HEI, Magnetic, Hall Effect
System Specifications -

Input Operating Voltage: 10-24 volts
Average Current Draw: 6 amps @ 6,000 RPM
Maximum Current Draw: 40 amps
Maximum RPM: 16,000 RPM @ 13.8 volts
Multiple Sparks / Restrikes: Up to 3,000 RPM, 22-1/2° crankshaft rotation
Energy Output: 135 mj per spark 675 mj per spark sequence
Voltage Into Coil: 525 volts
Tach Output: 12 VDC Square Wave
Alarm: Activated when input grounded (Limits RPM to 1500)
Kill: Activated when input grounded
Cylinders: 3, 4, 6, or 8 (except GM odd fire V-6 or rotary engines)
Do NOT use with GM or Ford electronic advance distributors or magnetos.

I think $750 CAD is fair for and system this functional and fully programmable and options for different timing curves.

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