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Question about 964 transmission into 924s/944

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Question about 964 transmission into 924s/944

Post  Hamr20 on Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:58 pm

Hello! 944hybrids!
I currently don't own a 944/924, but i've been stuck on an idea for a few years now, and wanted to see if this was the place to find an answer.
I want an AWD 924S with an Audi ur-quattro turbo engine. I've looked into the 964's transmission (i'm not the most knowledgeable, dont have anyone to teach me, and am learning as i go) but cant seem to see how shoving that into a 924 would work. Basically my question is; how do i get AWD in a 924s? I know that originally the 2.2 5cyl was tested in the 924's production stages, will it fit in later models? Any other ideas?
Thanks for your time guys Smile


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Re: Question about 964 transmission into 924s/944

Post  sharkey on Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:33 am

imo the 924/944/968 platform doesnt really lend itself to all wheel drive. a couple things

-the 964 transaxle is designed for rear engine. spinning the transmission the other direction in the car will make the car drive backwards.

-if you wanted to keep with the factory layout of the 924 you would need an all wheel drive transmission that mounts in the rear, and then has a driveshaft from the transaxle to the front diff. the only car i can think of like this is the nissan gtr.

-the engine placement in the car puts the engine inline with the front axle. unless you lift the engine way up for the diff to pass underneath you would need an oil pan that allows the front axle to pass through the oil pan, these setups intagrate the diff into the oil pan. vehicles i can think of like this are a nissan g35, dodge magnums/300 awd, trailblazer, both v6 and v8 models.

really i think the only feasable awd setup would be an engine that has the diff mounted to the oil pan, and then the matching transmission mounted right behind the engine. it would require cutting a lot of the car up to make it work. like i said, the layout of the platform just doesnt lend itself well to awd.


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Re: Question about 964 transmission into 924s/944

Post  Hamr20 on Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:52 pm

Thanks for the detailed response, I'm sad that it's not as I hoped, but i can finally move on from the thought. Thank you!


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Re: Question about 964 transmission into 924s/944

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