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Aftermaket Seat Options

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Aftermaket Seat Options

Post  Jchard944 on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:48 pm


So we have started installing the rear cage in my car. My builder has asked me to look into seats so we can get a good idea on placement, etc. I was thinking of just using the stock seats as the driver is in good condition but is getting brittle and figure it might be a better time than ever to pull the trigger on a new set of seats.

Sooo...this is why I am reaching out. Not looking to break the bank and would like to keep the seats with rails under $1000k if we can for the pair. I would be completely happy with a set of Kirkey's but I would like the driver's seat to be adjustable for different drivers if possible.The car will mostly be a fun daily to work and back and some cruises on the weekend with a 1/2 mile race occasionally each year so nothing crazy like autocross.

Let me know what works well and what everyone is happy with if you can. Any pictures you may have would be helpful as well.



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Re: Aftermaket Seat Options

Post  Jchard944 on Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:04 am

I ended up keeping the passenger seat and just ordering a drivers seat. I ended up going with a Sparco R100 with all necessary brackets, etc.


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