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Help with pressure plate (SPEC pressure plate doesnt fit!!)

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Help with pressure plate (SPEC pressure plate doesnt fit!!)

Post  dougs951s on Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:47 pm

I have an lt4 in my car, and I'm having an issue with the pressure plate fitment after replacing the clutch. I've done some reading and found out I'm not the only guy who is having this issue. I just replaced the clutch in my car; which uses a renegade bellhousing. I ordered the lt1 conversion clutch kit from Spec, and even talked to them over the phone about which bellhousing I have and expressed my concern about fitment. Long story short, they send me a clutch kit and after installed it, it locks my motor up because the clutch cover is physically bigger than the old one which was a Sachs unit, which was probably OEM. After taking it back out and measuring it, it's clear its larger. I called spec and the first words out of their mouth was that they wouldnt accept the pressure plate as a return if its been installed. Now I'm ****ing pissed! Not only do I have to tear my car apart again, but I have to buy at least a new pressure plate, and I'm out the cost of the spec unit because they wont do a return on it.

Can someone please tell me what pressure plate to get so will fit inside my renegade hybrids BH? I tried looking for the same sachs unit but couldnt find it; not to mention I'm worried about torque holding capacity with a potentially weak pressure plate like a stock sachs


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