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Odurandina Sledgehammer....

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Odurandina Sledgehammer....

Post  odurandina on Tue Jan 26, 2016 3:09 pm

when i got 'er back from Eric, there was still plenty of work to do on the brakes, suspension and tuning.... Doug Bray in Rancho Cucamonga got a hold of my car and i just brought in the parts.... He got everthing together and then we had CBM Motorsports put a good tune on the engine.

all i can say is, since working out the minor stuff around the 1st of September, what an absurdly incredible daily car this has been... uber clean build, 16 k miles on the clock, 2 coast-to-coast transcon drives....  reliability - and overall, one of the most insane cans of whoopass ever. with the help of the huge, short stroke, 388 c.i. LS7, aluminum flywheel, incredible exhaust and long 3-4-5-6 gears.... including 5th gear topping around 175mph, and 6th topping out at just over 200mph at 6250 rpm, this thing is a quiet, uber smooth, insanely-fast supercar.....

and that's how it drives; totally effing normal, like you'd expect from a production supercar.

the v8's arrival into my 968 gets going about here.....

no bullshit; you can't tell me i'm not driving the absolute best damn car Eric Hill ever produced. get your kit from Kent ASAP and get a slammin v8 in your worn 944/68 freaking yesterday.

once you get 'er sorted, the time, $$$ and the wait will have been soooooo freaking worth it.

we'll see if we can't get 'er out to a few car shows this spring. Smile


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Re: Odurandina Sledgehammer....

Post  Techno Duck on Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:29 pm

OD, if your up for the drive come down to Rancho Santa Fe one Saturday morning for a nice cars and coffee get together. PM me for more details.

Techno Duck

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Re: Odurandina Sledgehammer....

Post  xschop on Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:24 am

Odu, please get pic/vid of Lart drooling. Razz

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Re: Odurandina Sledgehammer....

Post  odurandina on Tue May 17, 2016 1:16 pm

Techno Duck

aw shucks i've been in in S. Cal a couple of times the past 2 months.

damn, i'd wish i'd seen your post.

21 thousand miles and 4 transcon drives!!

drove her from Denver to LA in 12 and a half hours the other day.

That's like 1010 miles or something.

ran 75-85 across Colorado and between 90-125mph across most of Utah.

handles like F1 in the Badlands of Utah around those sharp curves....

Car is and continues to be freaking amazing!


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Re: Odurandina Sledgehammer....

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