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LSX Swapped FD RX7/Miata/E36 M3 Advice

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LSX Swapped FD RX7/Miata/E36 M3 Advice

Post  ls1ck on Fri May 22, 2015 2:00 pm

Hello All!

I am new to the 944 LSX World (and LSX world in general), here is a little background on what I have been researching and what my original plan was. I apologize in advance if I put this in the wrong section!

I have owned a 99 miata and a e36 M3 in the past in stock form (boring I know). I loved the handling characteristics of both. I recently had a client by pure luck, who had an LSX swapped FD rx7. I drove in it, and it felt a bit rickety for my taste. Growing up an LSX swapped miata wasn't common, and the more common v8 Miata's were the monster miata's! However in recent years, more people have been swapping the LS motor into them. I have still been interested in the Monster Miata's despite the Ford powerplant (Monster Miata is local to me).

I always wanted a 944 turbo growing up. Reading more and more about the LSX powerplant, just seems like a no brainer in any of the aforementioned vehicles.

My question is, has anyone cross referenced these chassis'?

I knew one guy who owned an FD and e36 LSX swapped, and said "The m3 is comfier and the FD is more track oriented."

It seems like the decision would solely be based on goals.

As far as goals go, I just wanted a semi-comfortable weekend warrior (PS/AC) with great braking and handling. Maybe track it once in a while. 400-450 WHP All motor, I also wanted it to look good Smile. I know some people have turbo'd LS1 Swaps and as cool as 600-800 hp sounds. It also sounds like it can get expensive real fast, not to mention the streetability of the car would probably go down, as not much power can be put down on the street.

I currently have a 2001 supercharged Miata with 59k original miles. I was planning on putting a built Miata motor and boosting it. However now I am not as sure if I want to go that route.

Any advice would be nice Smile.

On a Side note: Has anyone seen that Mint GTR Widebody LS1 944 on ebay?!!


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