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944 S2 - LS3 & T56 Conversion

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Re: 944 S2 - LS3 & T56 Conversion

Post  Slpr948 on Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:39 pm

Ive been really wanting to take pictures, and make another good post just havent had the time... so here is a mini update.

The car was moved to my work location a few months ago, where all my tools are and access to fabrication tools (welder, metal saw etc). I completely redesigned the transmission mount because original version just isnt going to fit now that the whole drivetrain was moved back about 2 inches from mounting the engine on TPC motor mounts.

The new mount is 3D modeled and a test template/mock version out of wood will be made once time permits. I will be taking inspiration from XChop's mount (thank you sir) but it will not be the same... but it will be mounting on those 2 bolts he used... as well as others farther down on the perimeter of that same extension housing. Probably 4 bolts total, with a removable loop tying it together underneath. Basically where the hatch/trunk floor ends at and the top of the backseat begins... I will be running a brace across the width of the car on that seam... and having the mount drop straight down from that location to the transmission/diff extension housing. It will be two pieces, one stays mounted to the trans... and then the main brace/mount will be solid mounted at the location discussed. It will incorporate two poly link-flange/isolator bushings with 1/2 bolts that stab through to tie it all together... similar to what XChop showed.

If I had access to a nice tubing bender I could make a mount similar to my original design/oem design... mounted to the original C5 mounting location on the Getrag Diff. Without a tubing bender though... I just cant clear the gas tank and feel comfortable with how it would be. A lot of the weight would be offset/overhung off the actual mounting point of the brace and I dont like that idea.

Other than that, there has been a little design work/modeling done in other areas. I have the entire trunk/hatch area and rear suspension roughed out in Inventor 3D and will be working on the suspension/trailing arm designs after the trans is mounted. I have plans to incorporate additional camber adjustment as I know that the oem suspension setup doesnt allow as much adjustment as most want/need.

I did install the $40 Daystar 911 spring plate bushings... and yes they required some machining to make them fit right. It will work, but honestly I dont really like it... and I have since decided I am converting the spring plates to a large Heim/Spherical Rod End... very similar to what you see on the VW Dune Buggy Coilover conversion kits. It will consist of two pucks/cylinders that fit inside the outer aluminum spring plate housing and inner torsion tube recess... they will sandwhich and have a large bolt/pin running through the center where the 3/4 or 7/8 rod end will mount/rotate.


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Re: 944 S2 - LS3 & T56 Conversion

Post  dabaugh on Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:27 pm

Watching this one closely, thanks Slpr.


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Re: 944 S2 - LS3 & T56 Conversion

Post  Slpr948 on Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:26 pm

Thank you!

Big update coming soon... cliff notes below.

Gutted the rest of what was left of the interior and being prepping it for welding. Use a combination of wire brush, aircraft stripper and sanding pads to get it cleaned up.

Made wooden template for trans mount plate, figured out some of the missing dimensions and re modeled with new poly bushings etc.

Ordered another rear axle carrier/torsion tube to simplify making the suspension brace/crossmember.


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Re: 944 S2 - LS3 & T56 Conversion

Post  kevin924kevin on Wed Apr 27, 2016 9:38 am

How's the bulk going? Any updates

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Re: 944 S2 - LS3 & T56 Conversion

Post  Slpr948 on Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:23 pm

kevin924kevin wrote:How's the bulk going? Any updates

My apologies for disappearing for a while... I havent checked your thread or anyones in months and months. Had many big life changes going on, honestly havent had much time to focus on the car other than a little design/conceptual work. Moved houses, moved the car to where I am living now and moved jobs. I am focusing on getting settled in and then I will start working on the car again later this year/early next year. I have access to a nice tubing bender now though and other heavy machinery/fabrication equipment... so thatl be a big plus when I can get back into it. Mark my words though, this project will get done... I dont give up, its just going to take as long as it takes.


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Re: 944 S2 - LS3 & T56 Conversion

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