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Where are you with your conversion?

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Re: Where are you with your conversion?

Post  ghostcloak on Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:12 am

Fixing JOHN CODY FORBES half assed mistakes, slowly but surely. I'm not talking about Forbes Sr. as he was a pretty nice guy. His son, Cody (the Audi 5000TQ fan), is the one who "converted" my car, went broke halfway through, and "finished" my car with extra gremlins at no charge. Despite the disappointments in his craftsmanship, it runs on the street and has turned many heads in the past ~15k miles it's been driven. Don't deal with this western NC guy. He's got nothing to offer but disappoinment and frustration.

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Re: Where are you with your conversion?

Post  Bluemach1 on Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:09 am

vt951 wrote:A friend saw it listed on and it turned out to be 15 minutes from my house. 24k miles on it, pulled from an '01 vette (he's putting in some sort of bigger crate engine). Got it for $1700.

I'm planning to do a mild cam upgrade, replace the valve springs and timing gears/chain with heavier duty ones, and upgrade the oil pump. Also going to put in the LS6 valley pan, I think.

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Thats a decent price for low miles like that. Good catch.


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Re: Where are you with your conversion?

Post  endrnet on Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:22 am

My engine is turning over via starter in the engine bay! No radically unhealthy clanking except the starter hitting the flexplate making a 'ding' that I expect will stop when a clutch goes in.

Ran fuel lines last night.
Starter moves oil through the oil filter, although I have not cranked it enough to register any oil pressure. I wonder if the starter will create any oil pressure that's measurable.

Big stuff left:
Brake MC
Exhaust header - I have hooker 2312s but I'm not confident in my ability to do the mod myself
Exhaust under-car / muffler

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Re: Where are you with your conversion?

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