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Budget big brake upgrade for early cars aka my Boxster caliper upgrade

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Budget big brake upgrade for early cars aka my Boxster caliper upgrade

Post  admiralkhole on Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:46 pm

List of items:
986 Boxster Calipers (I purchased used for $80)
1984-89 Carrera rotors (Purchased new for $90)
Axxis ceramic pads (purchased close out price $25)
Xschop m030 Caliper adapters

The caliper adapters were made to put m030 calipers on an NA spindle, the Caliper mounts are the same distance but the widths and heights are different. I inverter the adapter and added spacers to center it on the caliper. The boxster caliper sits a little high (3-4mm) but it still grabs great. I reported back to xschop and we'll go from there...this could be a great solution for early cars to have an awesome, budget friendly front brake setup.

Original brakes...

Swap parts...

Caliper and hub cap come off

spindle, hub, and rotor removed by loosening and removing spindle nut, washer, and bearings...

New rotors installed on hub

caliper adapter,

Everything bolted up and spaced


Money shot


These things bite!!! I still have manual brakes due to my v8 swap, but these really stop well. MUCH better than the OE (mine even had a fresh rebuild) calipers and rotors. I am very happy with the upgrade, it'll only get better after hydroboost or whatever method I find to boost my brakes. I'll modify or get a different adapter to seat the calipers lower, later down the line, but this is a very worth while upgrade especially if you can find the parts as cheap as I did. Thanks XSCHOP for helping make this happen!!! It's awesome the m030 are close in dimension, this is going to open the doors to wonderful things.

I also have S2 front calipers for my rear brakes, and an S2 master cylinder.


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Re: Budget big brake upgrade for early cars aka my Boxster caliper upgrade

Post  944convert on Sun Nov 02, 2014 6:29 pm

Looks fine...the weak link is the hole through the spindle for the mechanical speedometer cable.

I used the '86 turbo front suspension and a 911 electronic speedometer (100mm same as an early) from an '89 (bought a bad core and had North Hollywood fix it). I sent the whole early cluster to them (Kevin) and he changed the other lenses to flat glass as well.

Haven't installed it yet but in the meantime you may want to research the problems with the hollow drivers side spindle.


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Re: Budget big brake upgrade for early cars aka my Boxster caliper upgrade

Post  xschop on Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:29 pm

With those adapters, if you want to go up to 309x 32mm inexpensively, then get a set of Coleman or Wilwood 8x7 rotors and a set of 1/4" thick disc hats.

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Re: Budget big brake upgrade for early cars aka my Boxster caliper upgrade

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