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How much would a 87 roller be worth?

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How much would a 87 roller be worth?

Post  Arthropraxis on Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:50 pm

I don't know where to put this so please move it if this is not the right place. I found what looks to be a very well kept 87 turbo with LSD, for 3K. He also has an LS1 for 1200. He reports all of the interior electronics work. It generally looks to be in great shape as far as I can tell. How do the prices sound for the motor and car?

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Re: How much would a 87 roller be worth?

Post  Vorsche944 on Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:35 pm

3k sounds good for the 87 944 Turbo. Can you drive it? Test the shifting, put a load on the transmission. Assume 5 speed no automatic

Interior, dash cracks, seating, console, shift boot, instruments, was it smoked in, do the electrical seats/windows work? Air bags, steering wheel cracked, carpeting. Tools in trunk, spare

Exterior, windows, rear hatch - how well does it open and close. Look at gaps on the hood to side panels, are they even or offline, has it been in a wreck, look at the rocker panels, brakes - are they turbo, are the rotor still good. Mirrors, headlights, front air dam, does it come with the Batwing?

Biggest PITA items - i am sure there are opinions on this:
Electrical trouble shooting
Transmission repair

1200 sounds low for the Ls1, # miles, is it an F-Body, what comes on it, accessories, computer, what was it in, was it raced. How stressed in the motor.

I hope they both work out for you

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Re: How much would a 87 roller be worth?

Post  944ls on Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:42 pm

I would think an 87t would be a very good starting point. It has a excellent trans, very good suspension and brakes. 3 might be a little steep, but good rollers are hard to find. Hopefully every thing is in good condition. I would think it would be worth 3 if I were in you. Running it should get 5-7. If it was me, the car is in good shape, I would buy it. To put a turbo trans, upgraded brakes, suspension into a NA will cost 3 + your time and the purchase of an NA. Good Luck!


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Thanks for the replys

Post  Arthropraxis on Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:13 pm

The car has a thrown rod so no test driving that. It looks well taken care of in pictures, haven't seen it in person. It has a dash cap so it is probably cracked. Seats have been redone. He said all the seals are tight and it doens't leak. All the electronics work according to the seller. I thought I could get it for 3K and went up to 3.5K with the thought of parting the engine components. He now sounds like he wants to part it and still sell it for 3.5K. So I am going to call him tonight and wrap that up. Would it be worth 3.5K minus the ability to part. I don't know how to link a page but it is on rennnlist under the 944 turbo s forum, the topic is 951 roller interest. I just don't want to pay to much to get started and kill my budget.

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Re: How much would a 87 roller be worth?

Post  gt1scca on Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:38 pm

Beware the pics, dude. Suspect
For 3K, it better be NICE...

I drove 11+ hours to Ohio for my first '44...Bad, bad butchery on the RR corner. High school autobody class rebuilt a scrapper.

Looked decent in those ebay pics...
(...happens to the best of us...)

Rolling Eyes Razz


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Me too

Post  Arthropraxis on Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:22 pm

I drove 3 hours to Atlanta for a 300zxTT that was perfect according to the seller. As I drove up there was an obvious dent under the passenger door, paint didn't match, seats were shot and as I lifted the hood just plain as day was a sticker on the fenderwell for a salvage company. That didn't go well.

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Re: How much would a 87 roller be worth?

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