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Engine Bay - what brackets can be removed?

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Engine Bay - what brackets can be removed?

Post  brinskan on Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:26 pm

Cleaning up my engine bay today to send the car out for paint. There are 2 brackets in the bay I was considering removing to keep things cleaner.

1 - bracket near driver-side headlight. On my car, it still has the thread covers on it. I assume it had no use on the 944 Turbo.

2 - the power steering tank bracket... although I plan to run power steering, but on all the other cars I have seen it appears no one is using this mount anymore.

I also relieved the firewall for the bellhousing already and creating some more room for the steering rod. Anything else I need to hit with the hammer before I paint? I plan to one day install A/C. Do I need to dent the frame rail? If so, any one got a measurement from something I can use to avoid dropping the motor in to test fit (as I have it apart).

Anything else? How about all of those screw tabs for the harness clasps, how many of those did you actually reuse with the LS1 harness? Right now they just look like a good place to cut my hands on.




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