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LM4 or LQ9

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LM4 or LQ9

Post  Bankroll Bullies on Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:28 am

Ok, I need help. I can get an LM4 for $400 and a LQ9 for $1200. Im just looking to make 350-400hp. My main thing also is the redline. I would like my redline to be the same as what my 1988 944 is factory. Im being told the LM4 will get me the power and is my best bang for the buck and all I will need to do is a cam and springs. Does anyone have any experiece with this conversion or the LQ9? Any help would be appreciated. Need to make a decission soon. Power is 2nd to the price. If I can make my desired hp with the LM4 for cheaper than the LQ9 thats what I will go with. I still have to buy the kit, big break swap, and turbo transaxles and im trying to keep my build at $5k. I have looked all over the ls boards and ssr boards but there isnt much on getting my redline up higher. I dont have a lot of experience with cams (next to none lol). Thanks for your help.

Bankroll Bullies

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Re: LM4 or LQ9

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:09 am

First off, you need to rethink your goal.
First , Why do you need/want the read line to match the 944 NA motor? The V8 usually start dropping power around 5600rpm. You would need to change most of the internals to make a dependable high revving V8. second it's not needed. You will have all the power you can handle at the stock numbers.
Second the cost of the cam that will make power to the higher rpm's , would be rather up there, Shocked
Third, Let me know how your price break down works for the build, I'd like to see what the numbers look like. I build these for a living and we have a hard time getting the price down below 8k on our own cars. I'm sure you can build a lot of the parts yourself and install everything and just maybe you can hit that kind of a goal. I know there are a few people on here that have done the budget build thing and it's worked, but not many.....


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Re: LM4 or LQ9

Post  Bankroll Bullies on Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:55 am

Thanks for the reply. I guess it doesnt have to redline the same as the 944, but it would be nive (keep the dash/tac the same). I guess I was wondering more about the LM4 or LQ9. Can I build the LM4 to the power of a LQ9 for cheaper than a LQ9? If so, what cam, intake, ect would you suggest? I think I talked to you about building my kit for me and you said it would be around $3000ish. If I go with the LM4 I just seen I can use my stock radiator with a 160 thermostat. That will save me some money.

LM4 Build:
Motor = $400
LS1 intake manifold, fuel rail, & injectors (off ebay) = $300-350
(I just seen a deal on a LS2 intake for cheap. will the LS1 fuel rail and injectors change over or do I need to use all LS2?)
Throttle Cable Bracket = $50
Kit = $3,400 (pricing on the high side)
Willwood Break kit = $700
Misc stuff = $1,000
Total = $5,900 (ok, so maybe my bottom $ is closer to $6,000)

Is there anything I missed that Im not seeing?

Bankroll Bullies

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Re: LM4 or LQ9

Post  Bankroll Bullies on Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:19 am

Crap, I didnt add the price of a cam in that. plus $400ish to the $5,900. So that $6,300 total.
The LQ9 will add a new radiator cost (cheap on ebay). I just need to know what people would do for the best bang for my buck. I will have a lot less work if I go with the LQ9. Just change the intake manifold, fuel rail, and injectors. That motor only has 96k on it. I just dont know which one will be the better choice.

Bankroll Bullies

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