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Modifying the stock front spoiler

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Modifying the stock front spoiler

Post  87-944S on Mon Mar 18, 2013 6:41 pm

Does anyone know what the front spoilers are made from, and an adhesive/filler I could use on it?

I need to make extensions to fit the sweet fenders I got from Admin. Very Happy



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Re: Modifying the stock front spoiler

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:15 pm

I think it is abs plastic Question ,


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Re: Modifying the stock front spoiler

Post  87-944S on Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:33 pm

Well, I don't know why this didn't show up in my search earlier today, but here is a good article on the 944 spoiler and repair. It also has a great link to a detailed (23 pages) PDF that explains all types of automotive plastics and repair techniques. They say it is made from thermoset polyurethane. Looks like I will need to get some of the proper epoxy and give this a shot!

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Re: Modifying the stock front spoiler

Post  962porsche on Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:31 am

the porsche plastic bumpers fall under the family of TPO plastics .
the O in TPO stands for olefin it is used as there mold release and works quight well at it .
the down side is it's a wax kind of like parafin that is used in candles so nothing wants to stick to it and it's mixxed into the rest of the plastic when they make the bumpers .
because they mix the release agent into the plastic it makes painting and repairing it a PITA if you doing go step by step and do the repair by the book .

heat is the worse thing TPO plastics like .
you have to remove the finish for any thing to stick the the bare plastic so just hitting with a DA sander and ripping off the top coats is out . you have so sand it slowly and not heat the plastic (substraight up ) go slow and keep the plastic for heating up when your sanding it .

a CO like SEM makes a product made for this type of plastic it's called problem plastic repair . a tube is about 50 dollars and you will need the gun for it as it's a two part product . i have used many other brands over the years and found SEM to be one of the best ones out there .
you jobber (auto body supply store ) often will rent you a gun for cheap or loan you one if your nice to them .

once you have you piece cut and fitted to add on to the bumper/spoiler . it has to be made of the same type of TPO plastic as the rest of the spoiler or it will not bond well at all . the reason is expansion and contraction from hot to cold of two different types of plastic will eventually delaminate the piece your grafting on .

you will want to clean the bare plastic 1st you clean it with a plastic cleaner only no other cleaner will work but a plastic cleaner .
then graft the pieces on you are looking to add to the spoiler . it's a good idea to use a backing metarial made for doing just what your looking to do . sem also sells this or you can use drywall joint mesh tape as they are one and the same products .
let it dry then sand the problem plastic repair metalial down as needed . again keep the part cool when sanding . if you need to do more work to the area after you sand it clean the area again with the plastic cleaner . you want to do this every time between steps when your working that area .

if you need to use some type of body filler sem also offers that for plastics . you can also use a product called poly flex made by evercoat . polyflex is made for all types of plastics and i found it sands the best . you have to let it sit for some time before you sand it and again when your sanding donot get the plastic hot or warm in any way . you will know if your getting the plastic to hot or warm because the product will not want to feather out .

once your repair is finished it's time to prime the part .
clean it with the plastic cleaner mix up your primer with a little flex additive add to the primer . you don't need a lot of flex additive in the primer as it's called semi rigid plastic . but non the less you still need some because of the expansion and contraction of the plastic from hot to cold .
when ever you prime plastic you will tend to see it look a little fuzzy as the plastic fibers want to stand up . this is ok ! most all plastics will do this and once the primer drys it will sand fine and when you top coat it they do not ever show . the one thing you don't want to do is pork on the primer if you do see this happening . many light coats is what you want to do .

once your finished and the primer is dry sand the spoiler down with 400 to 500 wet or 400 to 320 dry and top coat .

there is also another way to repair plastic bumpers if they have a rip / tear in them with a soldering gun . there is a little trick to it for tpo plastics as they tend to just want to melt like a candle does because of the olefin in the plastic but it can be done and is often a better way then trying to use a broblem plastic repair on them . i did a write up on the pelican on the body /paint forums a year or two ago on it so you can check it out there .


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Re: Modifying the stock front spoiler

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