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Learn to lay fiberglass, CNC, and weld?

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Learn to lay fiberglass, CNC, and weld?

Post  bp944 on Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:33 am

How would you recommend learning to do these things? I'm positive I can learn how to do them but I have no access to the machines and no access to persons with these skills. I know there's the option of going to a technical college and learning there but that costs money and I've heard its rather slow paced. Do you have any recommendations on books to read or groups of persons to contact? I would love to be able to CNC my own parts, weld my own exhaust system and roll cage, and lay my own fiberglass parts. Its maybe not the most practical route but I'd rather do it myself than pay someone do to it. Its the same reason I don't bring my car into a mechanic, I'd rather know what's going on with my car. I would love doing it all myself and well frankly, fiberglass 944 parts are incredibly expensive. I know welding a roll cage is dangerous and I would definitely not attempt it without someone with knowledge to look over my work. Any advice?


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Re: Learn to lay fiberglass, CNC, and weld?

Post  vundba on Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:24 pm

wanting to learn how to do all these things sounds ideal in theory.but without all the equipment to do all these things it seems kind of pointless.I've been running cnc's since the mid 80's and I have a couple at home but even a small Tormach cnc ran me $17,000. You can find all kinds of books but without actual hands on practice time it won't mean anything.Another option would be to buy some CADCAM
software learn to design your parts then create code on CAM ,put it on disk ,buy the material,then take it to a local shop and pay them to run it for you on their machines.


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You can learn to fiberglass

Post  Lance_s on Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:16 pm

I built powerboats for years. There are some really cool technologies out there exist but for for general fiberglassing all you need to do is get on you tube. watch a ton of videos and then get some glass, resin and catalyst and practice on some small cardboard piece, get used to how it sets up and how to get it to lay flat. If you are looking to make full blow panels that would require molds than your talking about a different animal.

Molds are expensive to make, that is why the parts cost so much. you have to have the spray equipment, the gelcoat (which is different for molds than it is for parts), a chopper (which chops mat into small pieces), you have to know shrink rates, how to get the part to release without pre-releasing the part, how to fix air bubbles in your part, etc, etc.

It's not that you couldn't do it. I could do it in my garage and make any part I wanted but I spent years doing it. If you want to learn how to make custom sub boxes out of fiberglass or a custom dash or door panels or pillars with speaker enclosures in them, no problem. You can do that. Bigger parts that require molds, different story. Pay the money cuz it will cost you way more to get your first part out. Then you have these big molds so you either then have to start making and selling the parts or throw the molds away cuz they just take up space.

Want to learn to weld? find you nearest school and take a class. You can learn to weld without a problem. By going to the school you can also make friends who have welders so when you need stuff done you can use their equipment.

CNC, as the previous poster said, the equipment itself is cost prohibitive. Don't bother. If you know how to weld and shape steel, most likely you can make your own parts anyway and would need a cnc.

Good luck,



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Re: Learn to lay fiberglass, CNC, and weld?

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