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Adding oil temp sensor in pan

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Adding oil temp sensor in pan

Post  Techno Duck on Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:53 am

Anyone have suggestions for putting an oil temp sensor in the TPC oil pan? My usual method is to use the drain plug but it is not large enough. There is a bung with a plug on the side of the pan but I think it is a 1/8 npt if I remember right (not home to check), so not large enough for a 3/8th npt sender.

Was thinking of having a local shop tig weld a 3/8ths bung onto the side. Next step is putting the pan on so I want to get this done right when I get back.

Anyone else have other ideas? Prefer to keep the sender in the pan as its a better indicator I think of what's feeding the bearings rather than at the oil filter.

Edit - Looks like i may have worried about this for nothing, looks like the thread on the SPA temp sender is actually 1/8th npt.. so should fit right in the pan. Cool

Techno Duck

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Re: Adding oil temp sensor in pan

Post  docwyte on Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:04 am

I have the oil temp sensor in the oil drain plug of my TPC pan.

To be honest it's a PITA and I'd rather have it in another seperate bung on the pan. Too many other things I want to change first though..


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Re: Adding oil temp sensor in pan

Post  962porsche on Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:13 am

i always just have moroso weld the bung onto the pans for that . motor swaps on other cars i have done i have just tiged a bung on . the bungs are dirt cheap to buy i'm sure a weld shop will do it for next to nothing . i have done them for other people and only charge 20 to 30 dollars to weld one on . it's a big help to the weld shop to dring a clean pan to them . it sucks when the customer brings a oiled up pan or part for welding and then i have to clean it just to weld on a part .

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Re: Adding oil temp sensor in pan

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