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shopping list..

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shopping list..

Post  shokwave30 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:34 pm

alright ive been reading a lot on here the last 2 weeks and trying to nail a few things down so i can order the right parts. I wanna have most of everything i can think of in advance so i can knock out the swap in a short time. XSCHOP has a lot of cool part and helpful parts and him and i need to talk. im trying to keep as close to stock as possible. But for now here's what i have going on..

1. Kit from TPC ordered with stage 2 clutch. should be here soon. CHECK
2. lightweight flywheel NEEDED
3. starter NEEDED
4. C5 bellhousing NEEDED
5. radiator to handle up to 600hp NEEDED
6. clutch MC (i like xchop setup) NEEDED
7. brake booster and mc setup (want hydroboost) NEEDED
8. LS1 engine (going with ligenfelter gt9 cam and lq9 heads) CHECK
9. headers (im determined to fit a turbo somehwere) so until the engine is in they have to wait
10. if im missing somethin let me know what it is and the part number i need

so all the needed ones i need part numbers for, that work with our conversion. after i have the engine in and bugs worked out ill be upgrading the brakes. I will be changing the transaxle out to a 9u lsd also and am interested in those axle shafts from xchop.

ive talked to eric.. hes working on a radiator and ive also talked to griffin radiator. the closer i get to starting ill probably be posting more. so ill search most things first and hopefully i get what i need then but may be asking questions as i go.

my goal is to do this right and make it look good too. thnx for help in advance.

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600 HP

Post  fliermike45 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:28 pm

How the hell are you going to put 600 hp down to the ground? especially in the wet?


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Re: shopping list..

Post  shokwave30 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:38 pm

well maybe not in the wet but in the wet im not gonna be drivind the same way.. but im looking at 500-550bhp. which isnt hard for an ls1. it has forged internals.

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Re: shopping list..

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