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948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

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948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

Post  Trackrocket on Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:15 am

Hey guys, I've perused the boards on and off for a good 4 years now, thanks to another member who put me onto it. I've been trying to finish a 948 build with a little help from said member but after a good 4.5 years, personal issues have forced me to change direction.

I'm a die hard Porsche fan who's raced a 911 going on 9 years, I'm very competitive and just love these cars. Having a 948 project in my garage for this many years has just caused pandemonium with regards to storage/space concerns, and now my personal "state of being" just prohibits finishing the build.

For those who might know me, I'm a particular type person. I love cars, I love racing and there's just not enough space in my budget to have the "dream shop" and associated space that I'd like to have, but I'm getting there. Smile

My best friend met his demise on the roadway almost 6 years ago. He had been working on this project, off and on for a good year or so prior. After a year or so I bought the load of parts, etc. from his Wife when they decided to move from a larger piece of property with several garages, a shop, etc. to a more reasonable home for her and three young Sons.

Since then, I had the 1987 944S "roller" painted Graphite Gray Metallic, shod with factory Koni "sport" adjustables, custom springs, gun-drilled torsion bars and helper shocks rear. I have an "S" transmission (with external cooler, LSC, etc.) put together for it and a de-stroked (old skool) Chevy 400 block/350 crank (377c.i.) motor...the list goes on and on and on with regards to the parts I have for this build.
I even purchased a manual steering conversion kit from Ian that has yet to leave the box! Shocked

I've read the rules, I've made a donation (would do that anyway) and would like to post some major items related to the build "FOR SALE" - but wanted to post some background first.

The "MAJOR" items:

1987 944S "roller" - FRESH Graphite Gray metallic (Ford color) paint, 944 Turbo rear diffuser, all lights, sunroof panel/glass (sans windshield) full dashboard/most of the interior remains, NO seats. Suspension is (front) Koni "factory sport adjustables) with custom springs (linear and helper) rear are helper coilover shock/spring combo. Car has later Brembo (factory) four-piston brake calipers and is shod with 17" Speed Alesio (not sure if real or copies...but they go with the car) The interior has been completely disregarded as the plans were to make this a track a partial "strip" had begun. The crossmember is modified for a Chevrolet V8 install and another (different from the previously mentioned V8) had been installed and ran in the car for a few months - that motor has been removed and sold. I have a factory (un-modified) crossmember if someone desires to use a factory motor in the car.

The roller is absolutely beautiful...I'll be installing the side windows and bolting down the hatch, the diffuser and the 944S (later version) nose, which is a nice fiberglass reproduction. You will need to provide a windshield, motor, transmission and clutch/bellhousing setup as I am only selling this as a roller.

The Transmission: 944S transmission with external cooler, LSD, etc. that is out of the car and I would like to sell separately.

The Engine: is a FRESH build by Wargo Machine here in Chesapeake, Va. it is almost complete as of 11/4/11 - I turned it in to "freshen" it up a few weeks ago and Mr. Wargo decided to go "nuts" with rebuilding/replacing much of the build.
400 block/350 Crank
stock (10/10 turned) crank, all new rod/main bearings.
stock rods/bolts
Keith Black "Street Rod" pistons
CC .500 lift/292 duration cam
194 heads with fresh 3-angle valve job, roller rockers, triple springs, lock nuts, ARP head bolts
Heads have been ported/polished
Double roller timing chain/gears
Oil pan is factory Chevrolet, I have a modified oil pan that fits a 948 build that'll go with the motor.
I believe today they're going to prime the motor and log the pressure - motor will have 5qts of "break-in" oil in the belly when picked up/delivered.

This engine will produce 375+ HP - it is setup at 10.5:1 compression and will run on 93 octane pump gas...Mr. Wargo predicts with the right intake/carb.(or F.I.) setup this motor could yield 400HP.

Manual Steering Conversion Kit: Purchased 3 years ago from Ians. EVERYTHING you need, except for the steering "link" is included...that's outer/inner tie rods, boots, you name it. Cost was almost $1,200. Ian sells the proper steering link for whatever vehicle you're building as they differ from the earlier to "S" models.

Being that the roller has a few "goodies" on it, has a "fresh" $2,600 paint job, decent wheels, etc. I'm asking $3,200 for the haul.

I'd like to take offers on the gearbox.

I'm asking $3,000 for the Chevy de-stroked 400/350 (377) build

The manual steering conversion kit - $1,100 - these are NLA.

I have TONS more parts that I'll be cataloging and taking pics of here shortly.

If you are interested in pics of the car and associated items, please call or PM me - I'll try and post some pics here shortly, once I figure out if I can!

Jeff Curtis
Chesapeake, Va.

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Re: 948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

Post  Trackrocket on Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:26 am

Some other items, worthy of mention are:

BRAND NEW 944 Carpet set
, with "rear seat delete" option - I had these made up by a very popular aftermarket carpet firm "appbiz" on eBay. Nice guy, he made the 964 "RS" carpet set for my race car. This setup is dark gray flannel due to the graphite gray paint on the roller.

I have at least TWO clutch setups,
I'm told they are a Mopar setup as the splines match on the torque tube?? One has a duel inlet hydraulic release bearing setup, pretty cool. I can provide pics, they are both very usable units.

Safety Devices rollcage for 944 chassis. - this is the "lightweight" version, made of .090 mild steel. I have the rear rollbar and front tubes that comprise the "halo" - I do not believe I have any door bars, they are about $100 each from Safety Devices. I do however have an original Safety Devices door bar from my 964 race car I'll throw in. This rollcage needs to be bead-blasted and repainted as it has some very old stick-on padding and just doesn't look 100% presentable - in my book. Wink


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Re: 948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

Post  Trackrocket on Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:49 pm

***UPDATE*** I have secured an original factory hood in great cond. (sans air-cleaner "hole) and will be having it painted by the same shop that painted the car four months ago...will also turn in a set of rear bumper ends to be shot at the same time as those were misplaced at some point during it's body shop stay. Evil or Very Mad


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Re: 948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

Post  Trackrocket on Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:57 am

Hey guys, have received a few PMs and apparently I don't have enough time on here to reply to them, in other words the forum won't allow it. If you have any questions/inquiries, please email:

jefcATmindspringDOTcom - of course, remove the "AT" and "DOT" and change to the applicable characters...or you can call 757...286...5857 - Jeff


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Re: 948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

Post  Rich L. on Thu Dec 01, 2011 3:35 pm

One more post in this thread and you should be able to PM.
Rich L.

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Re: 948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

Post  modenas on Fri Dec 02, 2011 5:00 pm

what he said just one more

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Re: 948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

Post  Trackrocket on Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:34 am

Ah, so this is it! ...the post that unlocks my PM eligibility! Twisted Evil

FYI, a Rennlist member has flown down to S.C. to pick up an '89 Cab 911 and is making his way back North, stopping by this evening for dinner and a place to crash (my invite, of course) and wants to buy the project - keep your fingers crossed!

FWIW, I'll be installing an original 944S motor in the project for him and if he doesn't buy it I still plan to keep it that way so the 377 destroker motor is still available, I have details if interested.


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Re: 948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

Post  jayman1869 on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:49 am

that trans isnt available is it?

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Re: 948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

Post  Trackrocket on Tue Jan 10, 2012 4:01 pm

Ah, sorry, I meant to update from my last statement, the guy bought the whole project and is paying me to put a 944S motor back in the car. Thankfully I have a factory crossmember et al and found a local motor, complete.

I still have two "old skool" clutch setups, the older style Mopar setups that are supposed to work well with the "old skool" Chevy SB motors.

I also have an aluminum radiator with a large electric fan on it I'll let go for cheap...let me know if you're interested in anything.

Sorry I can't be of more help technically, regarding a Chevy SB motor swap but am otherwise pretty handy with Porsches! Very Happy


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Re: 948 Build BLOWOUT - Change of Plans

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