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Photos of 944 power rack installation with LS1 (Studebaker)

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Photos of 944 power rack installation with LS1 (Studebaker)

Post  grobb284 on Sat May 28, 2011 2:27 pm

A recent update, in appreciation of all the help I received on this forum for installing this rack and pinion.

Here are some photos of it, with the fabricated mounts.

ZF rack and pinion as seen from above from the passenger side.

ZF rack and pinion as seen from above from the driver's side. The mounts were fabricated in stainless, to be the same material as crossmember.

Avanti with ZF rack and pinion mounts fabricated. As seen from beneath the the left front of the car, looking rearward to the front crossmember.

LS7 exhaust header with large factory flange removed, and a tapered collector fabricated. This is the passenger side.

LS7 exhaust header with new stainless tapered collector. The collector has been fabricated to move the exhaust inward, away from the frame. This view is from the interior of the car, looking at the passenger side.


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