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Motor Mount Alignment

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Motor Mount Alignment

Post  wbalcom on Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:53 pm

I purchased a 1987 944s with installed motor mounts set up for a Chevy v8 (haven't decided, but most likely an LT1 or carbureted SBC). To the eye, they don't seem to be exactly aligned. I don't know who installed them or how they were measured when installed, but my question is how perfectly "set" do the motor mounts need to be?

I noticed the TT is moveable to some degree, but does it also have to have to be perfectly aligned?

When I connect the TT to the bellhousing, and then the bellhousing to the motor, my fear is that the motor will be slightly off and the spline will not slide in at the exact angle it should.

I haven't seen motor mounts like this before, but I also would rather keep them than scrap them. Is it also missing some type of cross member at the back part of tubing? It has drilled holes, so i'm not sure.

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Thanks for any info you guys can provide!


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Re: Motor Mount Alignment

Post  xschop on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:26 pm

Not only that, but where will the header collectors exit?
I would suggest getting a set of uprights from TPC.

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Re: Motor Mount Alignment

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:48 pm

That was the car in South Texas, wasn't it?
I can't forget those huge mounts!!!!!! Shocked
I would loose them and get a set of uprights to put in there place, Those look like they were set up for truck style mounts, maybe mid 80's style. Like Xschop said, you won't have much room for you exhaust.
I think that car was one of those projects that got started and never finished......notice that the paint is not scratched on those mounts. No motor was ever installed.


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Re: Motor Mount Alignment

Post  laptop_geek on Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:03 pm

Welcome to the Forum wbalcom!. You'll find a lot of good info on here and some pretty cool guys.

I don't really see anything gained by using the motor mount in the car (other than its different and free). I'd go with TPC's uprights.

When you say "aligned" I'm assuming your meaning directly in the center of the car? If that is the case than its not 100% important that the motor set directly center, We have a couple guys here that have the engine sitting 3/4" or so to the passengers side (if it were much more than that I'd try and fix it though). Hope that helps!

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Re: Motor Mount Alignment

Post  wbalcom on Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:17 pm

Thanks everyone, yeah I think the car has been bought/sold throughout south Texas. At least according to the two previous owners. Somewhere along the way the car had some Asian symbology added. i guess its going to be a hybrid in several ways.

It's good to hear there's a little flexibility with the motor install. I guess as long as the spline "inserts" into the engine, its forced to be aligned. If one motor mount is placed even slightly closer to the front of the car, it will cause the engine to sit sideways. That concerns me.

About the uprights:
1. How are the uprights installed?
2. Based on the engine bay picture, and assuming everything aside from the motor mounts is FACTORY, will the uprights basically be a bolt-on application, and allow my BH to mount perfectly to the spline and TT without interfering with steering components, etc? (assuming I install them per the instructions)
3. Will they get the engine high enough to clear factory oil pans, or should I got with a Moroso 20140 (or equal)?

Cross member questions-
Is there no other support needed besides uprights? Shouldnt there be another means of support at the back of the engine? I noticed a red beam under the TT that should take care of support in that area.

I have a lot of questions before I get started/spending money. Im trying to plan this out really well before messing anything up. I like my cars to be solid and dependable. Thanks so much for any advice you have.


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Re: Motor Mount Alignment

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